Tyson (Acc)

American Staffordshire Terrier

7 years, 4 months
Medium  |  Male

Whitestone, NY



A volunteer writes: Big Tyson was crying when his master left him with us and he is still in mourning. Four walks got him better yesterday and he went back a little bit more easily into his kennel. I left him last night, sleeping soundly into his den. Tyson is quite a handsome lad, well built, well nourished, although dressed in an imperfect coat. Seven years of life have barely greyed his muzzle. He is an energetic dog with naughty eyes and a big smile. Tyson, indeed, loves to be in company and to go on walks.He can sit on command and even gives the right paw..He loves caresses and hugs, making a welcoming happy face. He pulls barely on the leash, does his business without marking and is interested in meeting other dogs. He used to live and play nicely with a female Rotweiler slightly older than him. Tyson will not participate in playgroups with his peers as he would suffer from seizures according to his owner, one of the very reasons for his surrendering. Tyson would also be anxious when left alone(we were not told when the behavior started) and chewed on household items and doors..He lived with many children of all ages, played very nicely with them and was protective of his family. To summarize, statuesque Tyson is looking for a new home to call his own and a new master to serve. He does have some issues, medical and behavioral and needs experienced hands to insure a perfect match and a happy outcome for both new owner and dog. Tyson is at the Manhattan Care Centrer, waiting for his time to shine.

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Whitestone, NY

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1 year ago

Am very interested in the dog ,can you please text me (516) 362-0473 and also email me reid66775544537@outlook.com for more info

mike moore

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