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Medium  |  Male

Miami, FL


An uber special guy

What's up guys? My name is Uber. Want to know something funny? The humans here at Paws 4 You named me that because a nice person who found me wandering the streets actually brought me here in an Uber. I know it's a silly name to have, but I kinda like it. It makes me feel hip, since that's what all the cool humans use to get around when they party. You know, I like to party too. Do you know what my favorite thing about parties is? Treats. Treats are DELICIOUS. Treats are GOLD. Treats are LIFE. Ok, I'm embarrassing myself. In all honesty, treats are great, but my favorite thing in the world is humans. They are so nice, like that Uber driver. The best thing ever would be if I could have my very own human to party with and give me treats. I can't even imagine that someone so great would exist! But a dog can dream...

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Miami, FL

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