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Lovingston, VA


Humane Society/SPCA of Nelson County ALMOST HOME 29 Stagebridge Road, Lovingston, VA 22949 434 263-7722
Email: IMPORTANT!!! PLEASE READ All animals are located at Almost Home at the above address with the following exceptions... (PSP) indicates they are located at Pets Supplies Plus, Charlottesville, VA; (FC=initials) indicates animal is living in Foster Care not at our shelter; Courtesy Postings - see bio for contact information as animals do not belong to Almost Home.


UPDATE: OCT 9, 2016
Call me Upton! Also, check out my sibling Ursula. Call us the cutest kitty siblings you’ve ever seen, but don’t – as in DO NOT – call us late for dinner! To say that we are voracious eaters would be an understatement. Possibly due to our shaky start, we are total chowhounds!
As you might guess, we have some Siamese in our genes (check out my baby blues!) We were born in April and have lived together ever since, including two months at AHPAC. Though we don’t have to be adopted together, taking us both would mean double the fun. Like many siblings, we enjoy playing together, especially when there’s an opportunity for a good game of chase. Or give us a box with a few holes in it then sit back and watch the hilarity that ensues. And afterwards, when it’s time to settle down, you’ll get the best of both worlds. I will curl up on your lap while Ursula lounges nearby, both purring in contentment.
We Siamese have a bit of a reputation as talkers, but don’t let that worry you!! We may voice our opinions from time to time, but by and large we’re polite conversationalists. We’re also in need of a little special care. You see, Siamese (and mixes) have a predisposition towards irritable bowel syndrome, and let's just say that after trying lots of standard treatments while we were shelter guests, our ‘bathroom business’ left something to be desired, but now everything is under control! Our foster mom knew that a predominantly raw food diet is often a good treatment for our condition, and it was! It’s also easy to maintain. Rest assured – this is NOT. A. PROBLEM. And look at what you’d be getting in return! (Seriously, take a gander at our glamour shots. Can you honestly tell us that a lifetime of love from one or both of us isn’t worth a little extra effort with our diet?)
We’re spayed and neutered. We’re up-to-date on our shots. We’re gorgeous, outgoing and loving so why are you still sitting there reading this bio? Fill out an application (, the shelter will contact my foster mom, and we can get this party started!

VOLUNTEERS and DONATIONS NEEDED. Visit our website for more info

Adopt Me
Lovingston, VA

(434) 263-7722

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