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6 years, 8 months
Medium  |  Female

Saint Paul, MN



Excellent Tabby Woman - Quite Classic

“How do you do? I am Valentine, an excellent tabby woman, quite classic, and about six years old. I know all the things a tabby woman should know. I tried to establish a connection with the tabby gentleman who was here last week – a guy with curly ears. But he was odd – liked people much more than fine tabby woman cats like me. Hmph!”
“Pardon me if I don’t jump and down and greet you as a silly dog would, but I have dignity – and – you interrupted my bath! Valentine takes highly regular baths. I was carefully washing my tail. Don’t touch it – it is my tail! OK, now that I’ve established my boundaries and rules, let’s be friends! I do like people! Even better than tabby gentlemen.”
“I had a person, was living in a foster home, but my foster person had to move so I came here to tell my story and find my forever home. A few years ago, I went to my foster home because I’d been hit by a car and I was pregnant and I lost all my babies. A sad story for me – it’s why sometimes I just stare off into space. But all of my excellent tabby parts have healed, and I would so like to have my forever humans. Also a soft tabby woman bed in which to sleep – and, occasionally, wake up to wash my tail!”
“Just for practice, I’d like to lick your arm, taste you with a nice love bite, and see if you might be My Valentine! I am ready to be Your Valentine. I’m truly an excellent tabby woman, and I’d be a fine addition to your sofa. Also your bed. Also for a food dish under your kitchen table. $120 brings us together – how about it?”
For more information about Valentine, just stop in at the Adoption Center to meet her or leave a message of her human assistant at 651-642-5900 Ext. 3. She'll call you back
PS: My former foster mom says:
Valentine has a great personality, she is sweet, energetic, fun, and playful. She likes to be held sometimes, but often wants to play. Valentine's favorite toy is the aggravating laser pointer and feels confident that one day she WILL catch that infernal red dot. She spends her days looking out the window, watching the world go by while she's safe indoors.

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Adopt Me
Saint Paul, MN

(651) 642-5900

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