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6 years, 9 months
Small  |  Female

Greenville, SC


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Thanks for stopping by to check out Valentine. She is a six year old chihuahua looking for a very special forever home to help her continue her journey in life.

Having come from a hoarding situation Valentine has great doggie social skills. She needs to have other dogs in her forever home because she looks to them for comfort and company. She is fine with cats and she has learned that they are great snuggle buddies.
It is suggested that potential adopters live close enough to do a meet and greet. Valentine is being fostered in South Central Virginia.

She is a nice little dog that had a rotten past so trusting people is something that she never learned how to do. Valentine has bonded with her foster mom, she will sit in the same room while she is working and will follow her around the house just to be near. She will, at times, sleep with her foster family but chooses to sleep with the other dogs in the home on the doggie beds. In the mornings she is happy and bouncy and will freely give kisses along with snuggles, she always wants to be the first to say good morning but once the day has started and everyone is moving about, Valentine is content to just watch.

Valentine has learned the joy of being outside running and playing with her ball. She really loves being in the sunshine, after years of being cooped up this must be a special treat for her. Valentine is very frightened to be on leash so a fenced yard or an enclosed area for her to take care of potty needs is a must.

She can be fearful but has never shown any aggression towards people. Sadly though small children scare her so she needs to be in an adult only home. Valentine's forever family is out there, they will open their hearts and homes to her knowing that she will continue to be a work in progress but she deserves a chance and she will be worth it.

This precious girl had a very rough start, she is on the path to her happily ever after. If you are willing to help provide that for her, we would love to hear from you.

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