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Pit Bull Terrier

6 years, 7 months
Medium  |  Female

Dallas, GA


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Breed: Pit Bull Terrier
Gender: Female
Estimated Date of Birth: May 1, 2010
Size: 65lbs
Location: Dallas, GA
Valentin was picked up off the street on Valentines Day in 2012. Her back leg was snapped in half, probably from being hit by a car; she was emaciated; and she was in a lot of pain. We brought her straight to the vet, but she was too malnourished for surgery at that time. After putting some weight on, the vet did a wonderful job plating and pinning her leg. She has fully recovered and can now run like a champ. If it wasn’t for a discreet scar, you would never know her leg was broken.
Shortly after getting her home, we noticed she would regurgitate her food. A scan revealed that Val suffers from a condition called PRAA (Persistent Right Aortic Arch). PRAA is a rare condition that you don't usually see in 2 year old dogs. The PRAA has also caused another condition known as Megaesophagus. Surgery for PRAA is very risky and there are no guarantees on the success. Luckily, Val does not need surgery and it is relatively easy to ensure her food gets to her stomach.
Val was spayed, had her cauliflowered ears removed, and we re-directed one of her ear canals.
Valentine absolutely loves to play with her pack of other dogs. She is extremely loving and well-mannered. She’s also pretty laid-back. This girl is a real gem. So what does her care entail? Val has to eat her food elevated and in liquid form. We simply put some canned wet food and water in a blender until it looks like soup, then she eats from an elevated feeding bowl. Doing this allows the food to get down to her stomach and the regurgitating has completely stopped. Val has some skin allergies and requires Apoquel once a day and her ears need to be cleaned 3 times per week to keep potential infections at bay. Val may be a little special needs and require a bit of extra care, but her personality shines bright and we promise she is worth it! She loves everyone, human and canine.
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Our adoption fee is $195. All dogs are current on vaccinations, spayed or neutered, micro-chipped, on heartworm prevention, and are fed top of the line grain-free food.

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