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Velvet *F*the Mellow Girl

Domestic Short Hair

11 years, 5 months
Medium  |  Female

Sanford, FL



Pet of the Week 12/1/14

Velvet is a senior cat here at Pet Rescue by Judy and has been here since June of 2012. She is about ten years old. Please don't let her age or color discourage you from meeting or fostering her. She loves to cuddle, is litter box trained, and up to date on shots. She has been here for a while and we guarantee she will love you forever! She would do best to be the only cat, since in her old age, she would love the attention to be on only her.
Foster Home Update: Velvet is doing well in our home. We had visitors last week, and she really got along well around the children. She's a great family cat.

Velvet still enjoys her seat in front of the picture window, and she loves her evening lap time. She never warmed up to my husband or my cat, but she seems quite happy.

FOSTER UPDATE: Velvet is very sweet and quiet, good with people of all ages. She does not do as well with other cats--she will hiss and yowl if another cat comes too close for comfort to sniff her or invite her to play! My other foster cats Aires, Mikey, Laney, Missy and Doyle have quickly learned to keep their distance from her. Velvet, although 8+ in years, will play with us, her human companions, for hours--just wiggle a feathered string in front of her and she will follow, batting it around! We have so much fun playing with her and watching her. She is a strong girl--deft on her feet! Velvet loves her wet food meals and doesn't seem to waste even a morsel on her plate or on the other cats' plates! A major part of her day of course goes in snoozing in a quiet spot somewhere in the house. Other times we catch her quietly staring at our pet snake in the terrarium. In the evenings while we relax on the couch, Velvet comes to each one of us crooning. She loves to be petted and given some attention--she will even sit on your lap for a few minutes purring. She doesn't mind being carried for short periods. She answers with a funny croon when you talk to her.

FOSTER UPDATE #2: She is still doing very well. She hasn't warmed up to our cat or my husband, but she is incredibly affectionate with me. Fortunately, Velvet doesn't seem afraid of our cat. In fact, we feed the two side by side, within inches of each other, with no issue. We give Velvet her own food, of course, but she patiently waits until my cat is finished with his, so she can clean off his plate! She seems happy and healthy and really enjoys sitting in her window seat each day. She gets especially excited around dinner time. Velvet is such a sweet cat, I'm shocked that she never found a home.

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Sanford, FL

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