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Wade Wilson

American Staffordshire Terrier

1 year, 5 months
Medium  |  Male

Houston, TX



HI! HI! HI! I’m Wade Wilson, the Staffie mix!
No, not Wade Wilson, the super cool alter ego of the hero/anti-hero Deadpool.
I’m even better! I’m Wade Wilson, the “super cool awesome excited to meet you and keep you forever” canine companion like you’ve never had before!
My beginnings were a little rough because someone didn’t want me anymore and dumped me all by myself in a random neighborhood. No one could find my original family, and since no one seemed to be looking for me, it appears they didn’t want me anyway. But it’s OK! :D I’m on the search for my “super cool totally awesome excited to meet me and keep me forever” NEW family!
A little about me:
My favorite things to do every day are run around REALLY FAST, chase all my toys, beg my mom for constant belly rubs, and be a “couch potato!” I used to be a big brother to three little orphaned puppies before they went to a new home! I loved and miss them SOOO MUCH!!! I used to help feed them all the time! Scratch that, she says I was never helping by pretending to be a puppy too! It’s a hin-der-dance… What’s a Hinder-dance? Hee-Hee! Silly Hoomanz!
My foster mom says I’m super-duper smart, and I get LOTS of “Good Boys” so I must be doing something right! I get lots of treats for doing and learning lots of new and old tricks! Right now, I know all my Basic ABC’s of being a Good Boy, but I'm working on my "Heel" and proper leash walking without pulling too much. I'll get it down soon, I just need a little help from my future new family! I’m slowly learning new, fun tricks like Shake, Give Hugs, Speak, Sing, Spin, Dance, and even jump through a hulla-hoop. I love TRICKS and I LOVE TREATS! I also LOVE exercising! My mom bought a super cool backpack where I carry ALL my favorite treats and toys, and even her water bottles when we go on nature walks or to the doggie park! I LOVE IT! She said I can keep it forever too!!!
I also like sleeping in my crate at night and taking lots of naps. Soon as my mom turns out the lights, whether it’s 12 o’clock in the afternoon or 1 o’clock in the morning, I go straight to my super comfy crate and take a nap. I even get to keep my favorite blankie when I go to my new family! YEA!
I LOVE kids and other dogs. Big and small! My foster mom says I would do great with some very active kids who want a super cool dog to play with and watch over them! I’m the best watch dog. No one comes to my door or yard without my approval first. I make sure they know I’m there, ready to protect! I yell “HALT!!! WHO GOES THERE?!!!” in my biggest dog voice I can find. My mom say I’m such a good guard dog. YIPPEEE!
If you think I’d be the bestestest addition to your family, please fill out an adoption application cause I wanna meet you!!!!

The adoption fee includes vaccinations, bordetella, deworming, rabies, spay/neuter and microchip. There is an additional $10.99 fee for Home Again for a lifetime registration of the microchip. If adopting a puppy, the rabies and spay/neuter will be done at the same time by our vet once they are 4 months old and billed to us. It is against the law in the State of Texas for a rescue not to be sterilized so we have to make sure it gets completed and that we have record of it.

Adopt Me
Houston, TX

(866) 774-4673

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