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Ocala, FL


YABBA DABBA DO!! This sweet, happy little gent is the real deal! Born on December 29, 2005, this handsome buckaroo is a thirty five pound, adorable Beagle mix. He is absolutely a precious little chap.! His personality is terrific, he's very, very friendly, very, very happy and loves everyone including his canine cronies and his feline friends! One look at Wallie and you will totally NOT be able to leave without him. He's as lovable and hugable as any pooch you could EVER in your life ask for!! Yesiree, before you even know what's happening, he's right there following your around as if he's been your pet forever and ever! When it's time to turn in for the night, don't be at all surprised to find him right under the comforter even before you get there! He can't wait to cozy in right next to you and help you catch those zzzz's, all night long! Watch out, wherever you go, don't stop to quickly, cause if you do you will have a cute little wet, black nose smacked right up against the back of your leg!! You can't possibly get too far without him. And you know what?? You won't want to. You will want him with you as much as you possibly can! He is such a little cream puff! He'll be your bestest bud and the most terrific companion in the world. He is sooo happy just being around you, whether it's watching TV, reading a book, or taking a nice afternoon nap! What a go with the flo kinda guy!! Wallie is the "perfect pet!" He is housebroken and trustworthy to be left home alone. Is he awesome or what!! His foster folks think he's just the cat's meow! Oh yes, she they adore him! For you traveling folks, this little peach loves to go for car rides. Guaranteed he'll be one fantastic travelin' pal. Is this little dude too good to be true, or what!!! One thing is for sure, Wallie has NOT had a very good life. Until now that is. At ten years old, his owner decided she didn't want him any longer. Certainly was by no fault of his own but no matter, she did NOT want him anymore. Soooo, she put him in her car and off they went! Right to the parking lot at high kill Hillsborough County Animal Services, walked him in, signed him over, dumped him there, walked out, got back in her car and drove away. Knowing his chances were slim, very slim of him ever getting out of that facility.......alive. It is soooo hard to understand, how can people do that to their very own pet? Sadly enough it happens waaaaay more often than you could ever imagine. If you're interested in this awesome, wonderful, sweet, fun, gorgeous little doll baby then ya better run, he's not going to be available for long, he's just too doggone sensational!!! Any additional questions you may have regarding Wallie, please call 352-438-8283. Adoption donation $150.00

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Ocala, FL

(352) 450-0586

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1 year ago

ok you are great at writing resumes!!! How much does he weigh? Where can he be seen?


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