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Salt Lake City, UT


Wanda is a precious and sweet 12 pound tan Chihuahua mix. She definitely thinks she is a princess, so she is, sassy and spunky. It took a few months for the shelter to realize she was diabetic, so when confirmed they asked CAWS to rescue her. It only took Wanda a few days to learn the dog door. She is totally house trained now. She will have a pee accident in her crate if left too long, but never a poo accident. We are currently working to get her insulin dose regulated but she is eating great and on her way to having her diabetes stabilized. She gets an insulin shot in the morning and at night after eating. She is very good to just stand there and let her foster mommy give her a shot. The first few days she did not want to eat at all, which is never a good thing with diabetes, you have to eat to get an insulin shot. That was very scary but we got past that, whew.

Diabetes is very manageable and not too expensive. Wanda has two other fur siblings in her foster home with diabetes too, one 17.5 and the other probably 10. They can live to long ripe old ages if taken care of properly. There is a prescription dog food they eat as well. The insulin we use is purchased over the counter without a prescription so not expensive at all.

Wanda gets along with the other furkids in her home, big and small, male and female. She will give a little growl if she is on her human lap and one of them try to get in her way. There is no biting or blood though, just a little princess thing. She is new to the pack so trying to figure her pecking order. She currently takes treats a little rough, might get your finger with the treat. We are working on that. Wanda needs to go to a home with older or no children.

When Wanda is excited she prances with her front paws in the air and it looks like she is almost clapping. We have not seen her play with toys yet or engage in play with the other dogs, but that could come with time. It has only been a couple weeks since she was diagnosed with diabetes so she is becoming a new dog every day. She is content to sleep with her humans or in a dog bed on the floor.

Wanda is a unique, sweet little girl with tons of kisses and love to give, looking for her furever family. She waddles when she walks with a tail that never stops wagging.

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