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2 years
Large  |  Male

Sanford, FL



Foster Update: Weston is good on a leash, although he sometimes is headstrong when he sees something he wants to explore. He's great around other dogs. I have another rescue dog living with him and they play and chase each other around the house. When they first met they were barking and playing rough with each other but it was their way of saying hello.

He needs a yard and lots of chew toys. Keep anything dangerous out of reach because he likes to explore and chew when he's bored. He has a lot of energy since he has experienced freedom from being leash bound most of his life.

I walk him in the morning and evening where he's pretty much trained to go outside. He has a nice schedule. Being able to go inside and outside through a doggie door would be ideal. I feed him very high-quality kibble that he loves.

He knows how to sit when told. He's very affectionate, even to new people. He will jump on you and lick you and try to sit in your lap. When he wants to go outside he will hum and bark to let you know he's bored, let's go for a walk or he needs to use the bathroom. He needs an active family since he's not a couch potato type dog.

Weston is a great dog that would be great with other same size or larger dogs. Great personality and very friendly.

Weston was found tied up outside after one of the foster's tenants moved out; he lived his life tied up outside.

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Sanford, FL

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