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1 year, 4 months
Small  |  Male

Minneapolis, MN


Adoption Fee $350

Meet Weston!

Weston is a sweet boy who found himself at the pound. It was a very scary place for him. He's shy because of his experiences, but is hoping to find a person he can love.

Weston is shy & still scares easily, but is a real sweetie once he knows & trusts you. He loves cuddle, explore the fenced in yard, fetch, nap, playing with other dogs & squeaky toys. He is a bit hesitant at first, but once he gets in a lap he loves to cuddle & will shower you with kisses. He is currently in the process of investigating every flower & shrub in the backyard. He has only made it a third of the way through so far. He will play fetch for hours, especially if one of his special squeaky tennis balls are used. His favorite napping spot is in the lap of a four foot teddy bear. Whenever his foster mom can't find him, he's curled up in the teddy bear's lap. He plays to exhaustion with his foster brother that's only a year older than him. They are a good match in energy level. He has discovered that he LOVES squeaky toys. Recently when his foster mom wasn't feeling well, he covered her in squeaky toys to make her feel better.

He rides well in the car either on a lap or in a booster seat but prefers the lap. He walks okay on a leash but new places, people, & animals are a bit scary for him still so a quiet neighborhood would be good for him. He prefers & really enjoys playing in the fenced in backyard.

Weston is housebroken. He goes out on a schedule - first thing in the morning, when his foster mom gets home from work, 15 minutes after dinner & before bed time. He currently asks to go out by standing in front of his foster mom & wiggling his tail so hard he almost falls over. He is crate/kennel trained. He likes to have a crate/kennel as a safe place but does not require one if home alone. He is initially shy, but good with other dogs once he gets used to them. However, he gets easily scared if a dog barks or plays aggressively with him so initial interactions would should be closely monitored. He would do best with another dog of similar age & energy. **He has not yet had any exposure to children or cats.**

Weston is both food & socially motivated. He really like treats but also enjoys being praised & scratched as a reward. He has not demonstrated a preference for either at this time. He comes when his name is called. He has recently mastered come & off, but does not know any other commands yet. His foster mom is working with him on give it, leave it, sit, & stay.

Weston recently started barking. Right now the barking is limited to anything to do with the front door-i.e., when his foster mom arrives & leaves, mail is delivered, or someone comes to the front door. However, he settles down quickly. He also emits cute little baby growls when playing with his foster brother & squeaky toys.

Weston has no shedding. He enjoys being scratched, especially behind his ears. His foster mom has recently begun introducing grooming. He tolerates bathing & enjoys being brushed with a soft bristle brush. His foster mom uses a clorohex additive to the water & the Leba III spray for oral hygiene. He is getting used to having his paws in preparation for clipping his nails.

The perfect person for Weston will need to be patient with his shyness & be willing to cuddled & kissed by him once his trust has been earned. A crate/kennel for his safe place is needed.

Once he knows you will be nice to him.... he will love you to the moon & back!

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