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A letter from his foster family....
" This our new friend Wheelie Nelson. He came to us as a hot mess. Scared to death. Biting everyone that got near him. Exhausted. He's had a rough go of things the last week or so. He's decompressing at our house for a bit. You see, Wheelie is paralyzed. From the waist down. Which means he needs constant help in and out of diapers, drag bags, wheelchairs, wagons, bath tubs...he even needs someone to help him go to the bathroom (no feeling back there). All this means is he needs someone he can trust implicitly. Someone he knows isn't going to hurt him.

We had a tough first day including a 45 minute standoff to get out of the car. But by the end of the day he was allowing me to help him in and out and clean him without freaking out. And by this morning he's not only looking for me but coming over to me to pick him up and sit in my lap. Wheelie has a lot of love to give. He needs patience and understanding and most of all someone who will love him back as a blessing rather than a burden. We're hoping to find Wheelie the perfect home and the perfect person. If you're at all interested in adopting him or know someone who might be, please message me or email info@pricelesspetrescue.or g and if you'd like to make a donation towards his care please visit pricelesspetrescue.org/donate "

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