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10 months

Tampa, FL


Contact: Stacie/Diana

Age: 9 mos Wt: 42 lbs
Update 9/6/2016:
Whip & Nae Nae (or Skippy & Mayonnaise)
These two adorable siblings are a bonded pair and MUST be adopted together. They were born sometime in late December or early January 2016, while they are still young pups they are now trained and ready for their forever home. They are good with other dogs, friendly with all people, friendly with kids, walk well on leash as well as off leash, crate trained, house trained, good with cats, and are not barkers. Nae Nae is super outgoing and happy to greet everyone with a wiggle butt and a kiss, while little Whip is a bit more of an old soul, shy, loyal, and on the cuddly side. Whip does have his silly moments that will just make you laugh out loud. He will talk to just about anything when he is playful, the toy chest, as to ask can you please give me a toy, to his sister, when she steals his bone, or to you, if you talk cutesy to him. He really tries to communicate with his voice. Nae Nae will talk as well, she talks in the morning, as to say good morning when exiting her crate, or anytime you return home or let her in from outside. Both pups are playful yet love their cuddle time at night on the sofa with you. They are adorable playmates and their personalities compliment each other perfectly. The Boxer/Lab mix is the perfect combination of mellow, loyal, yet silly and playful. If you have it in your heart to open up your home to these two precious babies you won't be disappointed at the amount of love and laughter you will receive in return.
Update 6/20/2016:
Little Whippie is growing up so beautifully and getting more adorable by the minute! He is now fully vetted, neutered, house trained, crate trained, walks well on the leash as well as off the leash. This little cutie pie will melt your heart, both Whip and Nae Nae are the perfect pair, playful and loving, and the Lab mix part of their breed makes them a little more laid back and calm verse the more rambunctious Boxer. They both love their sofa time at night while we watch tv, but watch your shoes. Whippie has a little shoe fetish and loves to steal and hide and shoes that drop to the floor around the sofa. He is such a silly boy, wagging his tail and his little wiggle butt when he is caught hiding the shoe. He is also a talker, not really a barker, more like talking... he really tries to talk to you or his sister when playing. His sister also has this silly trait. I'm telling you, it's cuteness overload! Happiness is cuddling up with these two by your side, they are just the kind of dogs that ALWAYS make you smile or laugh. Throughout our puppy training, we've never even had to raise our voice with them. They are very sweet and sensitive puppies.
Little Whippie will absolutely melt your heart. He is such a sweet boy and SUCH a charmer with the ladies. His long natural tail gave him the name whip because he's such a happy boy, the tail is always whipping back and forth. The breeder didn't crop this boy's tail for good reason: it has the cutest little white tip on the end like it was dipped in paint. His markings are perfect; all four white feet, white chest, white tip on his tail, white blaze down his face, and his coat is a gorgeous sleek and shiny black. Whippie and his sister Nae Nae were separated from their mommy at a very young age and depend on each other for play, security, and companionship. They are the perfect little pair, playing, sleeping, and eating together makes less strain on constant puppy parenting. They are very independent and keep each other quietly occupied until human play time and walks are available. They are crate trained at night which is helping them rapidly learn potty training. Both puppies are great with kids, other dogs, and cats. We've been fostering them since 4 weeks of age, shown them nothing but LOVE, plenty of hugs, positive attention, and lots of socialization. They've had free range of our entire house while growing up, so they understand their play places in our home, set up with toys and dog beds. These two babies are smart, quick learners, and just SO adorable in every moment, giving you head tilts when they are spoken to as if they truly understand what you are saying at the moment. Their Boxer/Lab mix gives them such a great blend of silly, playful, charming, and loving. They love to give hugs, kisses, and to cuddle at night on their special place on the sofa to watch TV. We are looking for the perfect family to open your heart and home to these two VERY SPECIAL babies.

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Tampa, FL

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