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Wilbur and Ilene

American Staffordshire Terrier

Large  |  Male

Sarasota, FL


"Us! Us! Us!"
Wilbur and Ilene want you to pick them. Or even just pet them. Or even just glance their way! They have lived together since Ilene was a baby and are extremely bonded.
Wilbur is a senior guy who has spent his days taking care of Ilene. Although he's become laid back in his old age, he has been known to jump a fence in search of the cows across the road. Wilbur loves to go for long walks and play ball. He loves belly rubs and scratches and finding a home with a family who would spend time petting him would really make his life complete.

Ilene is a genuinely happy dog who is always jumping up and wagging her tail. It's amazing, in fact, that she's so darling, because Ilene runs around with 3 legs just like she did when she had 4 legs. This has not slowed her down at all. Some dogs would be traumatized by that! But Ilene is just bouncing around, hoping Wilbur and she will become somebody's new family members. Ilene knows her name, and she knows how to "sit" and "lay down". She comes when called and just loves to play in the water. Ilene definitely loves soft toys and treats.
This precious pair have been at our facility for many years patiently waiting for the perfect home to come along. They are both such lovers and would make a family complete.
For more information about Ilene and Wilbur or to make an appointment to meet them, please email or call 941-924-5070.

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Sarasota, FL

(941) 924-5070

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