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Willow *F*

Bull Terrier

5 years, 9 months
Large  |  Female

Sanford, FL



Willow came to us from an owner who couldn't keep her because she got too big. Poor girl looks like a Dane mix but the vet also thinks she could be a Bull Terrier/ Hound mix. It's really hard to tell what the mix is, but she is cute and loving just the same! According to her former owners, she loves to go running, swimming, and chasing the frisbee. She is housebroken and crate trained.
• Appearance Black and white, 86 lbs (slightly overweight)
• Energy Level Sleeps most of the time. Energy level peaks in the evenings when she is sometimes looking for attention or play time with ball or Frisbee.
• Food Dry kibble, Buffalo Blue, 1-1/2 cups twice a day.
• Adaptability Very excited to travel somewhere new but soon after arriving she just wants to leave and go home.

• Human Social Skills Friendly with other people, somewhat cautious of men, is afraid of people with canes, baseball bats, sticks in general.
• Animal Social Skills She is dog and cat aggressive so she would be best as the only dog.
• Obedience Very food motivated and will sit, give paw and lay down when treats are involved.
• Training Willow is house trained but she is also let outside quite often during the day. She goes into her crate on her own when we leave the house.
• Personality Quirks Willow will get totally airborne to catch a Frisbee in the air or catch a bouncing ball. She will also chase and bite at the water streaming from a garden hose.
• Health Willow has a sensitive stomach and may get the runs when her diet is changed or when given certain treats. She also has a seasonal skin disorder that requires prednisone throughout the warm summer months.
• Ideal Home Someone home all day, large yard for Frisbee.

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Sanford, FL

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