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Xena ~ A long haired Rottie *F*


1 year, 7 months

Sanford, FL



Maggie's dog, home visit required!

From Maggie | Xena foster Mom:

Xena is a beautiful 18-month-old long haired Rottie.

My husband and I drove 100 miles and picked her up, she’s sweet and rides well in the car.
The other family that had her also had 3 other dogs and 2 kids, under the age of three. She wasn’t abused or neglected, just too much for one Mom to try and take care of, they had adopted her from a relative.
We have a house full of rescue dogs, but they’re older and one is ill.
Xena can run like the wind and she’s fast and when they run and play, she always out runs all of our other dogs. Her long hair is rather silky and very soft and she loves to cuddle at bedtime. She needs to be brushed often, as most Rottie’s do.
Xena is a big puppy and she has plenty of puppy exuberance!
She loves water! I mean, LOVES water, so if you have a pool, you’ll have a swimming buddy. To dry her off a towel works well, but she LOVES the hair blower. She LOVES food and treats and for that reason alone she’ll be easier to train. (She is not food aggressive.)
What she NEEDS is someone very active, that works from home and who will take her for obedience training and continue to enforce that training. As fast as she is, there’s a good chance she’d be an excellent agility candidate. She plays and romps like a 70-pound puppy that she is with our older dogs, nonetheless, she irritates them. We have an automatic gate and she never runs out when we enter or leave.
A home visit will be required, a fenced-in yard is a must. Xena is very much worth the effort and time needed to turn her into a great companion.

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Sanford, FL

(407) 302-4497

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