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Pit Bull Terrier

7 years, 7 months
Medium  |  Female

Fargo, ND



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Name: Yolanda **
Breed: Pit Bull Terrier Mix
Age: 7 Years
Size: Medium 49 lbs.
Adoption Donation: $180 (applicable sales tax included). Adoption fees may be paid with cash or check.
Other: Spayed Female, Vaccinations current, Microchip

** Yolanda is eligible for the Foster-To-Adopt program. If you are interested in giving Yolanda a place to crash, but aren't sure if she's the right dog for you OR if you are unsure about her medical needs, this is the program for you! The Foster To Adopt program offers an extended trial period for the adopter and dog to adjust to their new life together. If you have any questions about this program, Yolanda, caring for a dog with diabetes, etc. please email Amy ( ).
* Yolanda was diagnosed as having diabetes. Her foster family works with Yolanda to keep this condition under control so she can live a long and happy life. She will need a forever home committed to keeping her healthy and managing her condition.
For more information on diabetes in dogs, please visit the link below:

Yolanda is cute girl who needs your love!

Foster Home Feedback
9/15/16: Hi there! My name is Yoyo and I would really love to settle into a home that will be my furever home! Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I love, love, love humans!!! They make me so happy and I love to be around them. A couple of weekends ago, my foster parents went on vacation, so I got to vacation at a new house for the weekend! The vacation house had kids and I LOVED following them around and keeping an eye on them! They were so fun to hang out with.
​ Sometimes when I meet people, I just get so excited that I roll over on my back and the humans are smart enough to rub my belly! I LOVE BELLY RUBS!!! I must say that I train humans pretty well!
During the day when my foster parents are at work I sleep in my kennel. I'm not super thrilled about it, but my other doggie brothers are next to me in their kennels, so they keep me company.
My foster humans tell me that I have a medical condition called, Diabeeezuz or something, but I don't even know what that means!! I'm just a normal girl! It is a little strange though, after my morning meal and evening meal, my humans give me another small handful of food in my dish. Then I feel a slight itch between my shoulder blades, but I honestly don't even notice because I'm so happy I'm eating. I think I heard they might be giving me an insulin shot or something, but I could care less because I love eating my food!
Did I mention that I LOVE CAR RIDES!!! All of the humans that are lucky enough to hang out with me say how well I ride in the car. ​
​OH YIPPEE!! I think I just heard my foster human grab my leash! I wonder if we're going for a WALK!!! Gotta run! Bye now!
8/26/16: Yolanda, known to us as "Yoyo" has been in our home for a couple of weeks now and we have truly enjoyed having her around. At first, she was not too keen about our older male dogs. We crated and rotated for a 4-5 days and let them have minimal interaction. After that, we did some nice and slow introductions with Yoyo to our dogs, and she did much better! With some consistency and working with her to develop better habits, she runs around the house with our dogs now! She loves to play and wrestle with our dogs, does well with social cues from our dogs, and is not reactive when our dogs get cranky. Sometimes when Yoyo plays, she can get a little too amped up, so we try and calm the play down a bit at that point.
We first trained Yoyo to sleep in a kennel in our bedroom at night. She did well with that, so we let her sleep on the dog bed in our bedroom. Turns out she'd rather sleep on the wingback chair in our bedroom so we put a blanket on it, and now that is her sleeping spot every night and she absolutely loves it! She enjoys relaxing in bed with us and our two other dogs on weekend mornings. We are working with her on her leash skills during walks, and she seems to be improving. During the day, she is happy to relax in her kennel while we are at work.
Yoyo came into the rescue very skinny, but we are happy to say that she is putting on weight and looking better every day! Because she was and still is skinny, we need to be really careful on the food that is left laying around. I think because of her calm demeanor, she would do well with children. HOWEVER, she would definitely take food out of a small child's hand if given the opportunity to do so, so perhaps older children that can be cognizant of this would be the best fit for Yoyo.
This sweet little lady requires insulin shots twice a day (I can honestly say that my husband and I were nervous at first to foster a dog that required insulin shots), BUT after a couple of weeks with Yoyo, we have gotten into a routine with her and the insulin shots to give her are "easy peasy".
One day I had let all three dogs including Yoyo go outside to the bathroom and I called out to let them back in. Usually our two dogs and Yoyo come running back in right away but this time Yoyo didn't come in. I stepped out in the backyard and Yoyo was sitting in one of our patio chairs leaning on the back of it, and just watching the world go by. She was loving the backyard and beautiful summer weather.
Please consider adopting this sweet little lady. Yoyo cannot wait to be in her forever home and to have a family that loves her and takes good care of her. She just might be the little lady that you never knew you absolutely needed in your life!!!
7/5/16: Yolanda, known to us as Yoyo, is such a sweet girl. Yoyo came to us from Minneapolis because she was significantly underweight and in the pound needing rescue immediately. We didn't hesitate; we knew she needed to come to Fargo and get healthy. When she got here, we discovered she has diabetes and her mismanaged diabetes was causing severe weight loss issues. She was exhausted and in pain, but when her tail wagged, we knew she still had hope for her future. After getting her diabetes, more, under control she has gained weight and feeling happy and wiggly.
Yoyo's current foster home took her in as temporary foster but can no longer care for her. Since Yoyo loves her people so much, she likes to be the only dog in the house; more time for her and her person. Her foster has a dog of their own so they are rotating between dogs which can be stressful. We have a boarding facility, but her medical needs don't match up with what our building can provide for her. We need to find Yoyo something more permanent.
Even though Yoyo is feeling better, she still requires on-going medical expenses so we are hoping to find someone to care for her as part of our foster-to-adopt program. This person would care for her just as if she was fully adopted and with intentions of providing Yolanda with a forever home; the rescue would cover the costs of any medical expenses, as we do with all of our foster home volunteers. Her care needs are (ideally) 3 feedings per day (special food provided), insulin injections twice per day (she does awesome and insulin provided during timeline) and recheck appointments as needed (currently every 7-10 days; vet visits covered).
All she really wants is to be loved and have someone to snuggle with. She is potty trained and does great in both the kennel and the car. As long as she is with her people, she is completely content; she makes for a great office buddy too. She is incredible with children. Yolanda and a volunteer took a trip to the cities where she got the chance to stay with the volunteer's 4 year-old brother and did fantastic. She let him do his thing and then when he wanted to snuggle she was happy to roll over and let him giver her a belly rub. We can't say enough great things about Yoyo!
If you're still reading this and you would like to give Yolanda a chance, or you would like to become a foster home volunteer to help dogs in need, like Yolanda, please fill out an application on our website. We thank you for your support.

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