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10 years, 3 months
Small  |  Male

Riverside, CA


*******COURTESY LISTING*********
Yoshi’s Story

Yoshi came into our lives winter of 2009. He was rescued by our son and his girlfriend from the Santa Clarita Valley dog shelter.

From the time Yoshi came into our lives, he has always been around people, other dogs and a few cats too. He has always been a people dog, the cats interested him (in a playful way) and he likes to interact with other dogs. He finds joy and fun on his walks and off leash time. On his walks, he will bark at other dogs but you can talk him through it and he will calm down. Off leash he is most happy (big surprise). He always keeps an eye on you while romping and running all around. When the time comes, he is easy to get back on leash.

Yoshi likes closeness and will lay with you in your bed, on the couch, in your arms all day long. As long as he is close to you, he is happy. He follows you around from room to room and in the kitchen is a doggy vacuum when you accidentally drop food on the floor.
He is a good watch dog too! He is aware of his surroundings and will let you know if something is up by barking.
Yoshi’s daily routine starts with a long walk (at least a mile) followed by breakfast. He then gets several shorter walks during the day to relieve himself. Dinner at dinner time and always a last little walk before bed time.
Health wise, Yoshi has had no issues. The vet guesses his age to be around 10. We’ve kept him immunized and he has never had any reaction to any of the shots.
Yoshi was left with us (my husband and myself) after all 4 of our kids moved out starting their own lives. As newly empty nesters, my husband and I like to travel. Yoshi does not fit into those plans. As much as the kids want Yoshi, none are in any position to take over his care and most likely won’t be able to for a while still.
I would like to believe, he will continue to be happy in another home filled with love, understanding and sweetness.

Linda Rogerson
909 744 9451 home
661 713 1222 cell

Adopt Me
Riverside, CA

(619) 535-7299

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