Zenon Mini Polydactyl

Extra-Toes Cat (Hemingway Polydactyl)

Small  |  Female



Zani's al fresco Summer Adoptions follow us on FB to find us this summer as we will try new locations to meet the needs of NYC and support the little stores:)

Ms mini cat Zenon makes up for her size 4.5lbs at a year w/ her big polydactyl feet and her purrsonality:)
She was a little edging upon entering the shelter, bug came right out of her shell to earn a BEGINNER RATING!!! You don’t get any better than THAT!!! ESPECIALLY, for a STRAY! Now, this young cat needs a home to start the life that she’s been waiting for…all her LIFE!!! She is only a year old Upon intake Zenon was vocal and meowed loudly when cousnelor approached. She was recpetive to petting and cousnelor was able to collar, scan and photograph. Wet food was placed in the carrier and Zenon walked right in.enon was relaxed at the front of the kennel and was crying out for attention. Reaction when softly spoken to: Zenon reaches out with paws and rubs up against the kennel door. Reaction to cage door opening: Zenon is calm and relaxed. Reaction to touch: Zenon rubs up against the assessor’s hand and allows petting all over. She purrs softly, rolls around and appreciates attention. Reaction to being picked up: Zenon is calm, relaxed and has a soft body when held. Behavior Determination: Beginner Zenon interacts with the assessor, solicits attention, is easy to handle and tolerates all petting. No known history of behavioral problems. This cat can go to a beginner home.
Facebook: Zani's Furry Friends ZFF (weekly adoption event info posted there)
Twitter: zanisff
Instagram: zanisfurryfriends

Please fill out an application on our site http://zanisfurryfriends.org and return to cats@zanisfurryfriends.org
Please note: kittens must be adopted in pairs or to households with age appropriate cat(s) to ensure proper socialization and companionship. NO exceptions! If you would prefer a solo cat, we would be happy to recommend those cats who would do best as solo cats.
All our cats are tested for feline leukemia and FIV and also microchipped.

Many of us (cats/dogs) will be on display on Sundays and sometimes Saturday--please ask by writing us at cats@zanisfurryfriends.org and following us on FB. If you are seriously interested in adopting one of us in particular, please fill out an application by Friday so that we can be sure to be there. Otherwise we decide based on other variables. Usually we are in our foster homes so this is a bit more stressful and a slightly artificial environment but we do want to be seen and find our furever homes too. Please come! And if you can't adopt, you can always donate!

If you want to know about cats/dogs specifically being shown at our adoption locations, please email us cats@zanisfurryfriends.org closer to the date so we know your interest and will make every effort to have that pet at the event or let you know how and where you can meet. It is extemely helpful and speeds up adoption if the application is filled out prior to visiting us so please do that before coming to our weekend events. Our weekend locations are: Sundays usually and some Saturdays. Follow us on FB for latest updates. Usually we are in our foster homes so all this is a bit more stressful but we do want to be seen and find our furever homes. Please come! And if you can't adopt, maybe you can foster. And you can always donate:) Cats and Dogs are spayed/neutered, UTD w/ all age appropriate shots and microchipped. Cats are feline combo tested for FIV/FeLV; dogs are heartworm tested and rabies vax'd, (NOT lyme vaxed but we seriously recommend it); rabbits are spayed/neutered. Please fill out an application and email to: For Cats: cats@zanisfurryfriends.org For Dogs: dogs@zanisfurryfriends.org For Rabbits: nyc.acc.rabbits@gmail.com. Please visit our website zanisfurryfriends.org.

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