110 Rescued Budgies Placed In Homes

Seattle Animal shelter reaches out to community

Seattle Animal shelter reaches out to community

110 Rescued Budgies Placed In HomesThe Seattle Animal Shelter set a single-day adoption record when it found homes for 110 budgies that were surrendered to the shelter on Monday, March 26, 2007.

Seattle Animal Shelter Director Don Jordon said that 50 adopters were lined up with cages in hand when the shelter opened on Wednesday morning, and that all the birds were placed in homes within two hours.

“I am overwhelmed at the wonderful response we received from the public – both bird lovers and the media who were instrumental in getting out the word,” said Jordon.

The birds were surrendered by their owner after officers responded to a complaint about the number of birds being housed in the University District apartments. The shelter chose not to file animal cruelty charges against the owner because of his cooperation.

For more information about the Seattle Animal Shelter, call (206) 386-PETS (7387) or visit its website.

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