5 Out Of 5 Kittens Agree: Great Danes Are Pretty Great

Watch kittens flock around a gentle giant of a dog.

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"Oh hai."  Via Lindsey Heinz/Rumble
"Oh hai." Via Lindsey Heinz/Rumble

It’s the little things in life that make it worthwhile. Also, the enormous things.

For five small kittens, a giant dog in their midst looks like the best thing ever. And for a Great Dane, the small details are what makes everything worthwhile. A Rumble video proves both points are valid.

The kittens — a curious black one in particular — love this gentle giant. They flock to him and show their fascination and admiration.

Great Dane, tiny kitten.  Via Lindsey Heinz/Rumble

Great Dane, tiny kitten. Via Lindsey Heinz/Rumble

And the Great Dane is fairly entertained by the whole ordeal. Looking on with inquisitiveness, the big dog appears to be content with life’s small stuff.

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