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Abyssinian Lovebird Bird Species Profile Abyssinian Lovebird: The Abyssinian lovebird, also known as the black-winged lovebird, is less common as a pet and is sometimes referred to as one of the rare lovebirds. More >>
African Grey Bird Species Profile African Grey Species: African greys are often referred to as the “thinking man’s” bird. There’s a reason why they are often given scholarly names, such as Einstein or Freud; these birds are known for their intelligence and their ability to show empathy. More >>
African Ring-Necked Parakeet Bird Species Profile African Ring-Necked Parakeet: African ring-necked parakeets are affectionate birds that needs enough attention to keep it from getting bored, but enough independence to spend time alone on a playgym. African ring-necked parakeets are shy and quieter than Indian ring-necked parakeets. More >>
Alexandrine Parakeet Bird Species Profile Alexandrine Parakeet: Alexandrine Parakeets are independent but social and make excellent pets. They are adventurous and enjoy new toys and activities. While they do not enjoy as much handling as other parrots, Alexandrine parakeets do like being touched and stroked on occasion.More >>
Amazon Bird Species Profile Amazon Species: Amazon parrots have a reputation for being the great communicator when it comes to reading their body language. These birds seem to make good use of every feather to tell you when they are excited or aggressive; they fan out their tail feathers and fluff their head feathers. More >>
American Parakeet Bird Species Profile American Parakeet: One of the most commonly kept pet bird in the United States, budgerigars are chatterboxes that love to play and hop around on their playgyms and sometimes their owners. This pet bird is active and curious, and will use all the cage room an owner can provide for it. More >>
American Singer Canary Bird Species Profile American Singer Canary: The American singer canary (also known as the yellow variegated canary) is a popular song canary that is a cross between a Border canary (one-third) and a German roller canary (two-thirds). More >>
Australian King Parrot Bird Species Profile Australian King Parrot: Named the Australian king parrot because of its regal appearance, this bird is strikingly beautiful. More >>
Australian Parakeet Bird Species Profile Australian Parakeet Species: The diversity of Australia’s flora and fauna extends to its impressive list of native colorful parakeets, which include several genera. The Australian grass parakeets, as their often called, are more often found in aviaries than as a single pet inside a home, although there are exceptions. More >>
Bare-Eyed Cockatoo Bird Species Profile Bare-Eyed Cockatoo: Bare-eyed cockatoos are sociable, sweet and playful, but they can also be demanding and require plenty of interaction and cuddle time. They are smart and known for solving puzzles and other games. Bare-eyed cockatoos can be high-strung, but enjoy an active household. More >>
Barraband Parakeet Bird Species Profile Barraband Parakeet: The Barraband parakeet is known as a friendly and dependable bird. In the wild, they live in small groups that remain together. Barraband parakeets are social birds that can thrive in captivity if kept in a colony. More >>
Belgian Canary Bird Species Profile Belgian Canary: The Belgian canary is intended for more advanced bird enthusiasts. They tend to be nervous and high strung, and therefore do better in an environment in which this behavior is understood. Belgian canaries tend to be quite timid, and do not tend to breed as easily as other colorbred canaries. More >>
Black Lory Bird Species Profile Black Lory: The black lory is very unusual in the parrot world in that it is nearly all black (with the exception of its under tail feathers, which are red and yellow). Among the gentlest of lories, they are easily tamed and have intelligent, entertaining personalities. . More >>
Black-Capped Conure Bird Species Profile Black-Capped Conure: Black-capped conures are playful, affectionate and curious. They are intelligent and enjoy plenty of interaction with their humans. They require a lot of interaction and stimulation in order to avoid potential behavior problems due to boredom. More >>
Black-Capped Lory Bird Species Profile Black-Capped Lory: Black-capped lories are strikingly beautiful birds, with green wings, a red head and body around the wing, a black cap, gray-black cere, yellow underwings, and blue legs and belly. They are extroverted and playful, and are popular as pets because of their entertaining personalities. More >>
Black-Cheeked Lovebird Bird Species Profile Black-Cheeked Lovebird: Black-cheeked lovebirds are considered the most endangered of all the African parrot species. Avian experts advocate for captive black-cheeked lovebirds to be placed into well-managed breeding programs to ensure species survival because this species is so endangered in the wild. More >>
Black-Headed Caique Bird Species Profile Black-Headed Caique: The black-headed caique is a ball of energy that likes to entertain with its clownish acrobats. Its upbeat, playful and loving personality gives bird enthusiasts a reason to like this parrot. These pet birds are comical, fearless and rarely back down to anyone or anything. More >>
Blossom-Headed Parakeet Bird Species Profile Blossom-Headed Parakeet: The blossom-headed parakeet, one of the Psittacula parrots, is very rare, and avian experts advocate for captive birds of this species to be placed into a well-managed breeding program. As pets, Psittacula are more independent than other parrot species. More >>
Blue-and-Gold Macaw Bird Species Profile Blue-and-Gold Macaw: The well-known blue-and-gold macaw enjoys plenty of attention, head scratching and cuddling, but also likes to play and chew, so provide it colorful hard wooden blocks to destroy. They need lots of room to stretch their wings, so the largest possible is ideal.More >>
Blue-Crowned Conure Bird Species Profile Blue-Crowned Conure: One of the most popular conures, the blue-crowned conure enjoys chatting with its human companions and possess a intelligent, gentle and affectionate nature.More >>
Blue-Eyed Cockatoo Bird Species Profile Blue-Eyed Cockatoo: Blue-eyed cockatoos are rare, but in cases where they have been documented as pets, they are known to have one of the best personalities among cockatoos. They get their name from the striking blue ring around their eyes. More >>
Blue-Fronted Amazon Bird Species Profile Blue-Fronted Amazon: Although affectionate, the blue-fronted Amazon is also excitable, so keep your pet bird’s surroundings peaceful. Blue-fronted Amazons are playful, but not as destructive as other Amazon species. When it comes to housing a blue-fronted Amazon, the larger the cage is better. More >>
Blue-Headed Pionus Bird Species Profile Blue-Headed Pionus: Blue-headed Pionus parrots are intelligent and particularly more laid-back. Most Pionus parrots do best in a tranquil home environment. Although Pionus parrots are known for being independent, the blue-headed Pionus tends to be more affectionate with its owner. More >>
Blue-Naped Parrot Bird Species Profile Blue-Naped Parrot: The blue-naped parrot, also known as the Luzon parrot as well as the Philippine green parrot, is the smallest of the Tanygnathus parrot family. They strongly resemble the great-billed parrot but are smaller and have distinctive blue coloring across the crown and nape. More >>
Blue-Streaked Lory Bird Species Profile Blue-Streaked Lory: The blue-streaked lory, a highly endangered species, is mainly red with bright blue streaks on the mantle and hind neck and some black coloring in the tail. More >>
Blue-Throated Macaw Bird Species Profile Blue-Throated Macaw: The regal-looking blue-throated macaw is now a critically endangered species because of trapping for the pet trade. Thankfully, the species is fairly easy to breed in captivity. This large macaw is known for its friendly, intelligent, outgoing, playful personality.More >>
Bolborhynchus Bird Species Profile Bolborhynchus Species: Parrots in the Bolborhynchus genus include the lineolated parakeets (B. lineola), Andean parakeet (B. orbygnesius) and the rufous-fronted parakeet (B. ferrugineifrons). These parrots are native to parts of Central and South America. More >>
Border Canary Bird Species Profile trans Border Canary: Border canaries are active, engaging birds that fit into the popular notion of the “Tweety” bird character. They are good natured and social and tend to amuse and entertain themselves with their own activities and singing. More >>
Bourke's Parakeet Bird Species Profile Bourke’s Parakeet: Bourke’s parakeets are friendly and smart. They can make wonderful pets if hand-fed because hand-fed birds are less flighty than those that are parent-raised. Unlike other Australian parrots, such as the cockatiel or budgie, the Bourke’s parakeet is not as active.More >>
Bronze-Winged Pionus Bird Species Profile Bronze-Winged Pionus: Hand-reared bronze-winged Pionus parrots are especially sweet and gentle, but they also enjoy their independence. Bronze-winged Pionus parrots likes to bathe and positively respond to mistings from a spray bottle. They like to hang or swing while being sprayed. More >>
Brotogeris Bird Species Profile Brotogeris Species: These small South American parakeets, slightly larger than parrotlets, are not well-known in the pet bird community, but they should be. They’re great talkers and whistlers, and they keep active with climbing and clowning around. More >>
Brown-Headed Parrot Bird Species Profile Brown-Headed Parrot: Although brown-headed parrots are endangered in their natural habitat, they are popular in aviculture. They are generally sweet-natured parrots and because they tend to be quieter than many parrot species, they are a popular choice for people in apartments.More >>
Brown-Throated Conure Bird Species Profile Brown-Throated Conure: The brown-throated conure (also known as St. Thomas conure) is a friendly, intelligent bird that often can learn to talk. More >>
Budgerigar Bird Species Profile Budgerigar Species: There’s a reason why budgerigars (“budgies” for short) are one of the most popular pet birds. Not only are they colorful and cute, but a well-socialized budgie will seek out your interaction and perhaps even repeat words and phrases back to you (albeit, in a somewhat garbled voice). More >>
Buffon's Macaw Bird Species Profile Buffon’s Macaw: Buffon’s macaws, also known as great green macaws, are endangered and therefore are rarely kept as pets. These large macaws have beautiful coloring, including a mostly green body, red forehead and pale blue lower back, rump and upper tail cover feathers. More >>
Caique Bird Species Profile Caique Species: Caiques are always on the go and are lovingly described by owners as the “ADD” parrot. Native to South America, the enthusiasm a caique puts into everything it does makes it an attractive and comical pet. More >>
Canary Bird Species Profile Canary Species: The quintessential pet bird, the canary has enjoyed steady popularity for more than a century. More >>
Canary-Winged Parakeet Bird Species Profile Canary-Winged Parakeet: The canary-winged parakeet is known for its agility and enjoys spending time hanging upside down on a playgym. They are also affectionate. These pet birds like to play, so provide them with a variety of choice of toys rotated often. More >>
Cape Parrot Bird Species Profile Cape Parrot: The Cape parrot is one of the common names for the grey-headed parrot (Poicephalus fuscicollis suahelicus). This parrot is often confused with the Cape parrot (Poicephalus robustus), a species that is critically endangered in the wild and is not in U.S. aviculture. More >>
Cardinal Lory Bird Species Profile Cardinal Lory: Cardinal lories are endangered in the wild and rare as pets. The cardinal lory is a beautiful, bright red bird with some black coloring around its eyes. More >>
Chattering Lory Bird Species Profile Chattering Lory: The chattering lory is large, playful, outgoing and, at times, mischievous. Chattering lories are charming, clownish birds, but can also be feisty and aggressive at times, according to Margrethe Warden, an American Lory Society director and lory breeder. More >>
Cherry-Headed Conure Bird Species Profile Cherry-Headed Conure: The cherry-headed conure, also referred to as the red-masked parakeet, is currently a threatened species in its natural habitat. This bird has beautiful green plumage and a red head, except for the back half of the cheeks. More >>
Cinnamon Mutation Cockatiel Bird Species Profile Cinnamon Mutation Cockatiel: Cockatiels are curious birds that will snoop around and climb into nooks and crannies, bookcases, cabinets and other tight spots to investigate. These pet birds also enjoy tasting the food their owners are eating. More >>
Citron-Crested Cockatoo Bird Species Profile Citron-Crested Cockatoo: Citron-crested cockatoos, also called Sumba cockatoos because of the Indonesian island Sumba from which they originate, are critically endangered. More >>
Clonclurry Parakeet Bird Species Profile Clonclurry Parakeet: The Clonclurry parakeet is one of the Australian ringnecks. While most of these birds have an aggressive nature, this pet bird has the more mellow temperament. More >>
Cockatiel Bird Species Profile Cockatiel Species: As the U.S.’s favorite bird, the cockatiel’s talent lies in its whistle. Male cockatiels are more inclined to come up with elaborate songs; either made up, renditions of popular songs or mixtures of both.More >>
Cockatoo Bird Species Profile Cockatoo Species: Cockatoos can’t seem to shake the “velcro bird,” moniker. These birds have a tendency to want to be everywhere their people are. The cockatoo’s cuddly nature is definitely one of its biggest draws. More >>
Collared Aracari Bird Species Profile Collared Aracari: The collared aracari is an active, gregarious bird that has become more common as a pet or aviary bird, due to its hardiness and because it’s easy to breed. Collared aracaris are friendly and docile, particularly when hand-fed, and they thrive on companionship.More >>
Congo African Grey Bird Species Profile Congo African Grey: The Congo African grey enjoys socializing, but its behavior is often affected by the owner’s mood and home environment. This pet bird isn’t known as a cuddler, but it does enjoy a head scratch and intelligent conversation. More >>
Conure Bird Species Profile Conure Species: Playful, fun-loving, bold and inquisitive are all traits that describe a conure, but one word is true for them all: loud! More >>
Coral-Billed Pionus Bird Species Profile Coral-Billed Pionus: The coral-billed Pionus, sometimes also called the red-billed Pionus, is rather quiet and reserved, compared to many other parrot species. They are not particularly playful but can bond to their owner and will enjoy having their head or neck scratched from a trusted person. More >>
Crested Canary Bird Species Profile Crested Canary: The crested canary is a “type canary,” meaning it is bred for its physical characteristics (particularly its crest) rather than its color or song. It is one of several canary varieties with a tuft of feathers around the top of its head. More >>
Crimson Rosella Bird Species Profile Crimson Rosella: Crimson rosellas are quiet and gentle. They are often kept in an aviary, but if hand-fed and played with daily they can make excellent pet birds. If housed in an aviary, it is recommended to place perches on either side to encourage flying for exercise. More >>
Crimson-Bellied Conure Bird Species Profile Crimson-Bellied Conure: The crimson-bellied conure is sometimes referred to as the crimson-bellied parakeet as well. This species is sometimes confused with the pearly conure. More >>
Curl-Crested Aracari Bird Species Profile Curl-Crested Aracari: The curl-crested aracari is a beautifully colored, glossy-feathered bird with curled feathers on its crown. It is one of only three toucan species with red feathers on the nape and shoulders, and it is the most colorful of small toucan species. More >>
Derbyan Parakeet Bird Species Profile Derbyan Parakeet: The Derbyan parakeet is among the rarest of all Psittacula species in mainland Asia. Poaching for the illegal wildlife trade has threatened this species. More >>
Diamond Dove Bird Species Profile Diamond Dove: Diamond doves are easy-going and can be tamed. Although they generally prefer their fellow doves to humans, some diamond doves enjoy being petted and may sit on your hand. Diamond doves are most commonly kept in aviaries and do well in mixed species aviaries. . More >>
Double Yellow-Headed Amazon Bird Species Profile Double Yellow-Headed Amazon: The double yellow-headed Amazon is rarely shy, rather this Amazon parrot is outgoing, intelligent and possess a strong personality. More >>
Dove Bird Species Profile Dove Species: More than 300 species of doves and pigeons (really the same type of bird, although the term pigeon generally denotes a larger bird) make up the avian family Columbidae in the order Columbiformes. More >>
Ducorp's Cockatoo Bird Species Profile Ducorp’s Cockatoo: Ducorp’s cockatoos are rare in the United States, but when they are available hand-raised, they make excellent pets. Although they are on the smaller side for cockatoos, they still require a large amount of space to climb and play. More >>
Dusky Lory Bird Species Profile Dusky Lory: While the dusky lory is considered endangered in its natural habitat, it is a popular pet bird and is readily available. Dusky lories, also referred to as banded lories are considered among the most playful of lory species with an excellent talking ability. More >>
Dusky Pionus Bird Species Profile Dusky Pionus: Not as widely kept as other Pionus parrots, the dusky Pionus is enjoying an increase in popularity. Most Pionus parrots easily adapt to their environment, so there is little problem with introduction to a new home. More >>
Dusky-Headed Conure Bird Species Profile Dusky-Headed Conure: The dusky-headed conure is cuddly, clownish and intelligent, but it’s also known as the “quiet” conure. They can be playful but dusky-headed conures also like to snuggle, hiding or falling asleep under shirts or pockets. More >>
Duyvenbody's Lory Bird Species Profile Duyvenbody’s Lory: The Duyvenbody’s lory, also called the brown lory, is endangered in its natural habitat. The brown lory has a yellow forehead and yellow throat, both of which blend into a grayish-brown. More >>
Eclectus Bird Species Profile Eclectus Species: Eclectus parrots have a beauty about them that attracts many, with their unique feathers and curious gazes. Native to the South Pacific, the Eclectus parrots are one of the few parrots that are sexually dimorphic. Males are an emerald green color, and females are often bright red with shades of blue. More >>
Emerald Toucanet Bird Species Profile Emerald Toucanet: The emerald toucanet is one of seven species of “mountain toucanets,” all of which are mostly green. They are much smaller versions of the large black toucanet; their beaks, approximately 3 inches in size, make up for part of their overall 12 inches. More >>
English Type Budgie Bird Species Profile English Type Budgie: One of the most commonly kept pet bird in the United States, budgerigars are chatterboxes that love to play and hop around on their playgyms and sometimes their owners. This pet bird is active and curious, and will use all the cage room an owner can provide for it. More >>
Fife Canary Bird Species Profile Fife Canary: The Fife fancy canary (also called the Fife canary) is a lively, delightful canary that is popular because it is so easy to keep. The Fife canary is a type canary, bred for its physical appearance rather than for its color or song. More >>
Finch Bird Species Profile Finch Species: Hundreds of species make up the general category of small (2 to 4 inches long) passerines called finches. More >>
Fischer's Lovebird Bird Species Profile Fischer’s Lovebird: Fischer’s lovebirds are known for their gentle manner, but are packed with energy. They appreciate new toys as well as playtime with owners. The Fischer’s lovebird does well whether it is raised individually as a pet bird, in a pair or in a colony for an aviary. More >>
German Roller Canary Bird Species Profile German Roller Canary: The German roller canary, also known as the roller canary as well as the Hartz Mountain roller canary, is one of the oldest and best-known song canaries. It is bred solely for its song rather than for physical appearance or color. More >>
Gloster Canary Bird Species Profile Gloster Canary: The Gloster canary is a type canary, bred for its physical appearance rather than for its color or song. Gloster canaries have roundish, compact bodies and are lively and bold. More >>
Goffin's cockatoo Bird Species Profile Goffin’s cockatoo: Goffin’s cockatoos are the smallest ofthe cockatoo species. Although this species may not be as demanding as other cockatoo, they nonetheless need a sufficient amount of time outside of the cage to play and interact with their owner in order to thrive and prevent destructive behavior. More >>
Gold-Breasted Waxbill Bird Species Profile Gold-Breasted Waxbill: The impossibly tiny and colorful gold-breasted waxbill is a real avian treasure. Gold-breasted waxbills had been classified as a threatened species in the past but their numbers have recovered and they are now available to bird keepers worldwide. More >>
Gold-Capped Conure Bird Species Profile Gold-Capped Conure: In its native habitats of Brazil and Paraguay, the gold-capped conure is threatened by habitat loss; however, this species is readily available as a pet. . More >>
Golden-Mantled Rosella Bird Species Profile Golden-Mantled Rosella: One of the most popular species of rosella, the golden-mantled rosella is gentle and affectionate. They are traditionally aviary birds, but with the proper training and interaction, they make great pets. More >>
Goldie's Lorikeet Bird Species Profile Goldie’s Lorikeet: The Goldie’s lorikeet has a calm demeanor, which makes it less high-maintenance than other lories. Goldie’s lorikeets make good pet birds because they are calm and content with staying perched where they remain less hyper than other lory species. More >>
Gouldian Finch Bird Species Profile Gouldian Finch: Gouldian finches often develop a strong bond with their owner and are known for their loyalty. However, the Goundian finch also craves time with other birds. Gouldian finch owners notice these pet birds are intelligent and constantly watching the actions of their caretakers. More >>
Grand Eclectus Bird Species Profile Grand Eclectus: A common misunderstanding of the grand Eclectus is that they are the largest of the subspecies. The grand Eclectus may take more time to warm up to its owner, but be patient with these this intelligent bird. More >>
Great-Billed Parrot Bird Species Profile Great-Billed Parrot: The great-billed parrot is thought to be related to the Eclectus. Great-billed parrots are not commonly kept as pets in the United States, but pet great-billed parrots are known to be calm, gentle birds that enjoy just hanging out with their owners. They are excellent talkers with clear voices. More >>
Greater Indian Hill Mynah Bird Species Profile Greater Indian Hill Mynah: Mynahs are sociable and enjoy positive interaction on a daily basis. They’re also quite active. Mynahs have a captivating personality and often cock their heads when mimicking human voices. They are also curious, playful and inquisitive, and they are constantly moving around their cage. More >>
Greater Vasa Parrot Bird Species Profile Greater Vasa Parrot: The greater vasa parrot is considered among the most unusual parrot species. They have black to gray feathers, with very truncated bodies and long necks. More >>
Green Aracari Bird Species Profile Green Aracari: The green aracari is dimorphic; the female’s head and neck are chestnut colored, while the male has a black head and neck. Green aracaris are among the most successfully bred toucans in aviculture. They are friendly and affectionate, making them a popular pet bird. More >>
Green-Cheeked Amazon Bird Species Profile Green-Cheeked Amazon: The brightly colored green-cheeked Amazons’ engaging attitude and affectionate personalities make them good family pets. These Amazons like human interaction, and they also do well interacting with other pet birds. More >>
Green-Cheeked Conure Bird Species Profile Green-Cheeked Conure: A green-cheeked conure’s comical and affectionate nature has made it a popular pet bird, but it can be shier than other conures. Although they are less inclined to gnawing or chewing than most conures, green-cheeked conures still enjoy chewing. More >>
Green-Naped Lorikeet Bird Species Profile Green-Naped Lorikeet: Green-naped lorikeets are beautiful, brightly colored birds. As pets, green-naped lorikeets are curious, playful, energetic pet birds that are very entertaining. More >>
Green-Rumped Parrotlet Bird Species Profile Green-Rumped Parrotlet: While parrotlets are active and clownish, green-rumped parrotlet are little more reserved than other parrotlets and may need additional socialization. Similar in personality to Amazon parrots, green-rumped parrotlets are intelligent and affectionate pet birds.More >>
Green-Winged Macaw Bird Species Profile Green-Winged Macaw: More outgoing than some of the other macaws, a green-winged macaw can make an affectionate pet. They are also considered more intelligent of the species. More >>
Grey-Cheeked Parakeet Bird Species Profile Grey-Cheeked Parakeet: Outgoing, but quiet, the grey-cheeked parakeet is a charmer and ideal for apartment dwellers. This pet bird is the most popular species in the Brotogeris genus.More >>
Grey-Headed Parrot Bird Species Profile Grey-Headed Parrot: The grey-headed parrot is a subspecies of the brown-necked parrot,Poicephalus fuscicollis (it is generally believed by experts that the brown-necked parrot is not found in U.S. aviculture). The grey-headed parrot is the largest Poicephalus parrot. More >>
Guyana Toucanet Bird Species Profile Guyana Toucanet: The Guyana toucanet is one of the six species of lowland toucanets. The species is dimorphic; the male has a black head and breast, and the female has a gray breast, black crown and chestnut nape. Both have red and black beaks, red irises, blue skin around the eye and yellow ear patches. More >>
Hahn's Macaw Bird Species Profile Hahn’s Macaw: Hahn’s macaws are similar to their larger counterparts. They enjoy playing, cuddling and of course destroying toys and perches. Hahn’s macaws owners describe them as mischievous, playful, active and not overly demanding. More >>
Hawk-Headed Parrot Bird Species Profile Hawk-Headed Parrot: Hawk-headed parrots are playful and will hang upside down, roll around and shriek or giggle for attention. The hawk-headed parrots closely bond with their owners, but beware of their high energy and excitable nature. Owners should refrain from over stimulating hawk heads while playing. More >>
Hawk-Headed Parrot Bird Species Profile Hawk-Headed Parrot Species: This South American looker immediately grabs your eye when its blue-tinged, crimson crest rises over its silver-grey face. But they’re not just about looks.More >>
Hyacinth Macaw Bird Species Profile Hyacinth Macaw: These big, beautiful birds love to cuddle, but also need playtime on their own. While hyacinth macaws are playful, loving and sweet pet birds, they can also be demanding and headstrong. More >>
Illiger's Macaw Bird Species Profile Illiger’s Macaw: Illiger’s macaws are playful and intelligent, which can get them into a fair share of trouble. In addition to a wide array of activities to keep them busy, this pet parrot needs positive reinforcement for engaging in those activities. More >>
Indian Ring-Necked Parakeet Bird Species Profile Indian Ring-Necked Parakeet: The most popular and widely kept of the Psittacula species, the Indian ring-necked parakeet is not known for its affectionate manner. Indian ring-necked parakeets can make excellent companions if owners handle, interact, play and talk to them daily. . More >>
Ivory-Billed Aracari Bird Species Profile Ivory-Billed Aracari: The ivory-billed aracari, one of the smallest members of the Ramphastidaefamily, is an affectionate, playful toucan. The ivory-billed aracari is a dimorphic species: the males have a black crown, whereas the females have a brown crown. The males also tend to have longer beaks. More >>
Jardine's Parrot Bird Species Profile Jardine’s Parrot: Jardine’s parrots are quite acrobatic and enjoy entertaining their owners with newly devised tricks. They’re also highly intelligent and benefit from frequent interaction with their humans. More >>
Java Hill Mynah Bird Species Profile Java Hill Mynah: Mynahs are sociable and enjoy positive interaction on a daily basis. They’re also quite active. Mynahs have a captivating personality and often cock their heads when mimicking human voices. They are also curious, playful and inquisitive, and they are constantly moving around their cage. More >>
Jenday Conure Bird Species Profile Jenday Conure: Jenday conures are generally easy-going and enjoy learning new tricks as well as cuddling. Owners like this pet bird for its laid-back, friendly attitude. Jenday conures like to playfully dangle from their cages and lay on their backs. More >>
Kakariki Bird Species Profile Kakariki Species: There are several parrots in the Cyanoramphus genus: C. novaezelandiae, C. auriceps, C. malherbi, C. unicolor. The majority of kakriki species and subspecies are endangered or critically endangered in the wild. More >>
Keel-Billed Toucan Bird Species Profile Keel-Billed Toucan: The keel-billed toucan, also known as the sulphur-breasted toucan, is most known in popular culture as the “Fruit Loops” cereal bird. More >>
Lesser Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo Bird Species Profile Lesser Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo: The lesser sulphur-crested cockatoo is an intelligent, outgoing species that thrives on attention. This species is critically endangered in its natural habitat due to illegal trapping for the pet trade. In the wild, they generally live in pairs or in small flocks. More >>
Lesser Vasa Parrot Bird Species Profile Lesser Vasa Parrot: The lesser vasa is one of two vasa parrot species, the other being the greater vasa. The lesser vasa is also sometimes called the black parrot, although its plumage is blackish-brown and its longest wing feathers are gray. More >>
Lilac-Crowned Amazon Bird Species Profile Lilac-Crowned Amazon: The lilac-crowned Amazon has all the typical spunk of a large Amazon, but with a slightly quieter voice and endless devotion to its favorite person. Lilac crowns are smaller than other Amazons, but what it lacks in size, it makes up in personality.More >>
Lineolated Parakeet Bird Species Profile Lineolated Parakeet: Lineolated parakeets, also known as barred parakeets, are popular as pets because of their quiet, even-tempered disposition. More >>
Lizard Canary Bird Species Profile Lizard Canary: The lizard canary, one of the oldest canary breeds, was first developed in the 1700s. This type of canary is named for its beautiful markings: black crescent-shaped spots running down its back and breast that resemble the scales of a lizard. More >>
Lory Bird Species Profile Lory Species: If you’ve been to an aviary or a zoo, chances are you’ve seen, and maybe even fed, a lory. These colorful birds are softbill parrots native to the South Pacific. Easily tamed and curious about their owners as well their homes, lories love to hop up and down, swing off perches and go off exploring. More >>
Lovebird Bird Species Profile Lovebird Species: Lovebirds are usually referred to in the plural, giving the impression that they do best kept in pairs. More >>
Lutino Mutation Cockatiel Bird Species Profile Lutino Mutation Cockatiel: Cockatiels are curious birds that will snoop around and climb into nooks and crannies, bookcases, cabinets and other tight spots to investigate. These pet birds also enjoy tasting the food their owners are eating. More >>
Macaw Bird Species Profile Macaw Species: Macaws are often described as people’s “dream bird;” that is, the companion parrot they would have if only they owned a home, had a spouse who was as into birds or had the resources to afford the extra-large cage and unending supply of destructible toys macaws need. More >>
Major Mitchell's Cockatoo Bird Species Profile Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo: Major Mitchell’s cockatoos, also known as Leadbeater’s cockatoosu, are salmon-pink colored with a very distinctive crest with yellow and red bands. The bird is named in honor of Major Sir Thomas Mitchell, a surveyor and explorer of Australia in the 1800s. More >>
Mallee Ringneck Parakeet Bird Species Profile Mallee Ringneck Parakeet: While several species within the Barnardius group prefer less handling than Amazons or cockatoos, some owners agree that the Mallee ringneck is an attention-needing bird. More >>
Maroon-Bellied Conure Bird Species Profile Maroon-Bellied Conure: Considered one of the more friendly conures, the maroon-bellied conure is also fairly even-tempered and quiet. The maroon-bellied conure is unlike other conures because of its lower noise level. Once owners get to know their maroon-bellied conure, they often find them to be playful and affectionate. More >>
Masked Lovebird Bird Species Profile Masked Lovebird: Not as common as the Fischer’s or peach-faced lovebird, the masked lovebird is somewhat smaller and not as aggressive as the peach faces. They enjoy chewing and constructs nests in the wild out of twigs, so provide your pet masked lovebird with plenty of toys to chew on. More >>
Maximilian's Pionus Bird Species Profile Maximilian’s Pionus: The Maximilian’s Pionus can be a little more mischievous than othe Pionus parrots. While Maximilian’s Pionus parrots are often overlooked because of their lack of bright colors, owners say their sweet personalities win people over. More >>
Mealy Amazon Bird Species Profile Mealy Amazon: Mealy Amazons are often described as the calmest and gentlest of all Amazon species. They tend to get along well with other birds and although initially they may be shy, they bond with their pet bird caregivers and can be quite outgoing. More >>
Meyer's Parrot Bird Species Profile Meyer’s Parrot: Although not as active as other Poicephalus parrots, the Meyer’s parrot is popular due to its easy-going personality. Described as a “go with the flow” parrot, Meyer’s parrots are not as active or athletic as other Poicephalus. They are considered more pet birds.More >>
Military Macaw Bird Species Profile Military Macaw: Military macaws are affectionate, but can be aggressive at times. They make good pet birds for an experienced bird owner. The military macaw enjoys cuddling, but can be a little shy. More >>
Mini Macaw Bird Species Profile Mini Macaw Species: Smaller than the large macaws by a few inches and a few hundred grams, the mini-macaws offer that larger-than-life macaw behavior in a smaller body. They’re friendly, curious and playful – oh, and they make a lot of noise! More >>
Mitred Conure Bird Species Profile Mitred Conure: Mitred conures are known to become very attached to their owners. Mitred conures are playful, loud clowns. These pet birds can also become good talkers and are considered the loudest and most animated of the Aratinga group of conures. More >>
Moluccan Cockatoo Bird Species Profile Moluccan Cockatoo: Moluccan cockatoos are sociable and playful. They demand plenty of interaction and cuddle time. Owners often do not understand how demanding the Moluccan cockatoo can be, making it one of the top cockatoos to be re-homed. They are also intelligent and known for solving puzzles and other games. More >>
Moustached Parakeet Bird Species Profile Moustached Parakeet: With vibrant plumage, moustached parakeets are often considered elegant and lovely. They are one of the smaller members to the Psittacula genus. While not usually popular as companion birds due to their noise level, they are often kept as aviary birds.More >>
Muller's Parrot Bird Species Profile Muller’s Parrot: Muller’s parrot, also known as the blue-backed parrot, is in the Tanygnathusfamily of parrots. Although they are not well-established in U.S. aviculture, Muller’s parrots kept in as pets or in aviaries exhibit amiable personalities. More >>
Mynah Bird Species Profile Mynah Species: Somewhat scarce in the United States, mynahs hold the title of best mimics in the avian realm – even better than African greys. Mynahs are playful in other ways, too. They love to hop from perch to perch, and anything left laying around the house is fair game for a mynah’s thieving beak. More >>
Nanday Conure Bird Species Profile Nanday Conure: The intelligent nanday conure often enjoys learning tricks with family members to keep their minds stimulated. Nanday conures often expresses itself vocally and uses learned words, phrases or other sound effects, such as purrs or kissing noises. More >>
Naturalized Quaker Bird Species Profile Naturalized Quaker: Quakers are play and curious small parrots. They also make good companion pets. They enjoy having a secure nest for playing and roosting, but can become aggressive when defending their territory. They are excellent nest builders and will enjoy shredding paper. More >>
Niam Niam Parrot Bird Species Profile Niam Niam Parrot: The Niam Niam parrot, endemic to Central Africa, is a mostly green parrot with a brown head and a red iris. It is not kept in captivity in the United States, and it is almost unknown in aviculture. More >>
Noble Macaw Bird Species Profile Noble Macaw: The noble macaw is fearless and enjoys testing boundaries, but this pet bird will win you over with its playful manner and comical nature. Owners describe noble macaws as inquisitive. The noble macaw is an intelligent bird that can be easily handled, regardless of experience. More >>
Normal green type Budgie Bird Species Profile Normal green type Budgie: One of the most commonly kept pet bird in the United States, budgerigars are chatterboxes that love to play and hop around on their playgyms and sometimes their owners. This pet bird is active and curious, and will use all the cage room an owner can provide for it. More >>
Normal grey Cockatiel Bird Species Profile Normal grey Cockatiel: Cockatiels are curious birds that will snoop around and climb into nooks and crannies, bookcases, cabinets and other tight spots to investigate. These pet birds also enjoy tasting the food their owners are eating. More >>
Norwich Canary Bird Species Profile Norwich Canary: The Norwich canary, one of the oldest canary types developed in England, is often referred to as the John Bull canary because of its bullish appearance. It is a thickset bird with a big head and heavy brows. It is also a type canary, bred for its physical appearance rather than its song. More >>
Orange-Chinned Parakeet Bird Species Profile Orange-Chinned Parakeet: The orange-chinned parakeet, also known as the nee-bee parakeet as well as the Tovi parakeet, is an intelligent, curious, playful bird that, particularly when hand-fed, makes an excellent, loving pet. Even non-hand-fed birds of this species can become very loving with proper socialization. More >>
Orange-Fronted Conure Bird Species Profile Orange-Fronted Conure: Although the smallest of the Aratingas, orange-fronted conures are spunky and can learn to talk or play dead. Owners describe the orange-fronted conure as being mighty and having a big attitude. These pet birds are flexible concerning their surroundings and they enjoy playing and learning tricks. More >>
Orange-Winged Amazon Bird Species Profile Orange-Winged Amazon: Known as the clown of Amazona, the orange-winged Amazon loves to play and has a penchant for puffing up its cheek feathers and raising its head feathers.More >>
Pacific Parrotlet Bird Species Profile Pacific Parrotlet: Consider the most popular of the parrotlet species, the Pacific parrotlet is full of energy and enjoys being included in family activities. Similar in personality to Amazon parrots, pacific parrotlets are intelligent and affectionate pet birds. More >>
Painted Conure Bird Species Profile Painted Conure: The painted conure is a beautifully colored parrot that is rarely seen in captivity. This species is in demand not only because of its striking beauty but also because of its good disposition. Painted conures are intelligent and tend to be quieter than many other conure species. More >>
Parisian-Frilled Canary Bird Species Profile Parisian-Frilled Canary: One look at the Parisian-frilled canary gives a clear idea as to why it is so named. All of the feathers on this bird (except for its tail and flight feathers) are frilled, including a “helmet” of feathers on its head, a “cap” on the forehead, a sideburn effect on its cheeks and a feathered collar. More >>
Parrotlet Bird Species Profile Parrotlet Species: Although only about 5 inches in length, parrotlets act a lot bigger. Their outgoing dispositions make them a good choice for most pet bird households, although they sometimes land into trouble when chasing other animals or larger birds around. More >>
Patagonian Conure Bird Species Profile Patagonian Conure: One of the larger of the species, Patagonian conures can be demanding, but will charm you with their handsome looks and cuddly nature. Owners have noticed the Patagonian conure differs from other conures because it takes longer to settle in during the evening. More >>
Peach-Faced Lovebird Bird Species Profile Peach-Faced Lovebird: The popular peach-faced lovebird is small in size but big in personality. They enjoy interacting with their owners and love playing with new toys as well. Peach-faced lovebirds will often weave nesting material in the cage bars. More >>
Peach-Fronted Conure Bird Species Profile Peach-Fronted Conure: Peach-fronted conures are widely available and popular. They are comical and outgoing, and can learn to talk, mimick words or short phrases. More >>
Pearl Mutation Cockatiel Bird Species Profile Pearl Mutation Cockatiel: Cockatiels are curious birds that will snoop around and climb into nooks and crannies, bookcases, cabinets and other tight spots to investigate. These pet birds also enjoy tasting the food their owners are eating. More >>
Pearly Conure Bird Species Profile Pearly Conure: The pearly conure is a brightly colored, playful pet bird that loves to cuddle. The pearly conure looks somewhat similar to the crimson-bellied conure, but its lower breast, abdomen and thighs are green as opposed to bright crimson. The pearly conure has creamy white feathers that cover its ears. More >>
Pied Mutation Cockatiel Bird Species Profile Pied Mutation Cockatiel: Cockatiels are curious birds that will snoop around and climb into nooks and crannies, bookcases, cabinets and other tight spots to investigate. These pet birds also enjoy tasting the food their owners are eating. More >>
Pigeon Bird Species Profile Pigeon Species: More than 300 species of doves and pigeons (really the same type of bird, although the term pigeon generally denotes a larger bird) make up the avian family Columbidaein the order Columbiformes. More >>
Pionus Bird Species Profile Pionus Species: Often compared to Amazons, Pionus parrots are slightly smaller and less boisterous than their Central and South American cousins. They’re outgoing and intelligent and rarely display some of the behavior problems commonly seen in pet birds, such as feather plucking and repetitive screaming. More >>
Plum-Headed Parakeet Bird Species Profile Plum-Headed Parakeet: Generally easy-going, plum-headed parakeets are playful, but fairly quiet. When they are not in the breeding season, plum-headed parakeets interact well with other birds of the same species. They become tame with regular handling and interaction. . More >>
Poicephalus Bird Species Profile Poicephalus Species: Poicephalus parrots include the Meyer’s, red belly, Jardine’s, Senegal, brown head and uncape parrot. Poicephalus, in general, are not as cuddly as some other medium-sized birds, such as conures, or seize-the day-types like lories and caiques. More >>
Port Lincoln Parakeet Bird Species Profile Port Lincoln Parakeet: Port Lincoln parakeets are the most popularly known Australian parakeets both in the wild and in aviaries. More >>
Princess of Wales Parakeet Bird Species Profile Princess of Wales Parakeet: Popular as an aviary bird, the Princess of Wales parakeet also makes a gentle and quiet pet. These pet birds easygoing, making them prime candidates for housing in an aviary with other birds. The Princess of Wales parakeet is known to be a fearless bird, even in the wild. More >>
Psittacula Bird Species Profile Psittacula Species: The Psittacula parakeets are intelligent birds that are native to Asia and Africa. They are known as old world parakeets, and include the Alexandrine parakeet, the African ring-necked parakeet, the Indian ring-necked parakeet and the smaller plum-headed parakeet. More >>
Quaker Bird Species Profile Quaker Species: This small South American parakeet is a common sight in the United States, both in the home and flying free in urban centers where it has made a home for its wild flock. Sometimes called hooded parrots, monk parrots or quaker parakeets, quaker parrots are intelligent and social birds. More >>
Quaker Mutation Bird Species Profile Quaker Mutation: Quakers are play and curious small parrots. They also make good companion pets. They enjoy having a secure nest for playing and roosting, but can become aggressive when defending their territory. They are excellent nest builders and will enjoy shredding paper. More >>
Rainbow Lory Bird Species Profile Rainbow Lory: Rainbow lories make excellent pets and are a bit clownish. The Rainbow lory is considered to be an interactive bird, although some can be nippy as they age, according to Margrethe Warden, an American Lory Society director and lory breeder. More >>
Red Lory Bird Species Profile Red Lory: The red lory makes a beautiful, wonderful pet, but it also needs to be the center of attention. They can develop affection toward more than one person, but red lories often pick a favorite flock member. They can come with an attitude and favor a household in which they are the only bird around. More >>
Red-Bellied Macaw Bird Species Profile Red-Bellied Macaw: Red-bellied macaws are are shy, but are good mimics with a voice described as childlike. They are not commonly thought of as a companion bird, but fans of red-bellied macaws find them to be great pet birds. More >>
Red-Bellied Parrot Bird Species Profile Red-Bellied Parrot: Those who favor the Red-bellied parrot believe it is more social and a better talker than other Poicephalus parrots. These birds have been described as being the life of the party. They are spunky and active birds that often dominate other birds around them.More >>
Red-Cheeked Cordon Bleu Finch Bird Species Profile Red-Cheeked Cordon Bleu Finch: The red cheek patches of the red-cheeked cordon bleu finch are only present in males of the species. Females have similar but duller coloring, and they lack the red cheeks. Red-cheeked cordon bleu finches are hard to find. More >>
Red-Crowned Kakariki Bird Species Profile Red-Crowned Kakariki: The red-crowned kakariki (also known as the red-fronted parakeet) is a mostly green bird with red markings on its forehead and just behind the eyes. Although this species breeds well in captivity, it has a threatened status in its wild habitat. More >>
Red-Fronted Macaw Bird Species Profile Red-Fronted Macaw: Red-fronted macaw are sought after because of their beauty, spunky personality and loving nature. They are entertaining and will often lie on their backs, either for attention and/or during petting time. More >>
Red-Headed Parrot Finch Bird Species Profile Red-Headed Parrot Finch: The red-headed parrot finch is a beautiful and vivacious aviary bird from the remote island of New Caledonia. Red-headed parrot finches are interesting to watch because they are always exploring their environment. Because of their high activity level, they are happiest when housed in aviaries. More >>
Red-Rumped Parakeet Bird Species Profile Red-Rumped Parakeet: The red-rumped parakeet is the most suitable pet bird within this genus of grass parakeets. Red-rumped parakeets are animated and active. More >>
Red-Sided Eclectus Bird Species Profile Red-Sided Eclectus: The red-sided Eclectus often enjoys asserting its personality while interacting with its owner. Expect a curious and intelligent pet bird that needs stimulating toys and lots of socialization. More >>
Ring-Necked Dove Bird Species Profile Ring-Necked Dove: Athough they do enjoy spending time with other doves more than with humans, some ring-necked doves may be tamed and will coo to their owners. The ring-necked dove is gentle and easy-going. Ring-necked doves are most commonly kept in aviaries and do well in mixed species aviaries. More >>
Rock Pebbler Bird Species Profile Rock Pebbler: Rock pebblers make laid-back pet bird. They can be social, but these birds are also capable of entertaining themselves and enjoy their independence. More >>
Rock Pigeon Bird Species Profile Rock Pigeon: Although not commonly thought of as pets, rock pigeons have in fact been domesticated for several thousand years. In addition to being companion pet birds, rock pigeons have been used as homing pigeons, carrier pigeons and war pigeons. More >>
Rose-Breasted Cockatoo Bird Species Profile Rose-Breasted Cockatoo: An endless performer, the rose-breasted cockatoo thrives on interaction from its human flock and a plethora of toys while on its own. To keep rose-breasted cockatoos happy, they need at least one hour of playtime a day. More >>
Rosella Bird Species Profile Rosella Species: Most rosellas are kept as aviary birds, because they can be prone to aggressive behavior and are a bit standoffish. If hand-raised and well-socialized, however, some rosellas make beautiful, charming pet birds. More >>
Ruppell's Parrot Bird Species Profile Ruppell’s Parrot: The Ruppell’s parrot is named after the German naturalist and explorer Eduard Rüppell. Ruppell’s parrots are less common in U.S. pet trade. . More >>
Saffron Finch Bird Species Profile Saffron Finch: The saffron finch is a large and impressive finch and is really a cousin of the tanagers. Saffrons are handsome birds, but they can also be aggressive. More >>
Scarlet Macaw Bird Species Profile Scarlet Macaw: Scarlet macaws are cuddly and playful. They need positive interaction and plenty of hard toys to chew on. Owners who favor scarlet macaws express the importance of hugging and showing affection toward this often misunderstood pet bird. More >>
Scarlet-Chested Parakeet Bird Species Profile Scarlet-Chested Parakeet: Along with the turquoisine parakeet, the scarlet-chested parakeets is one of the most temperamental and quirky Australian parakeet. The scarlet-chested parakeet may need additional attention because they can be fragile birds. They need warmer housing to ensure the longevity. More >>
Senegal Parrot Bird Species Profile Senegal Parrot: Senegal parrots are affectionate and need enough attention to keep them from getting bored, but is independent enough to spend time on a playgym. Senegal owners find their birds to be smart, loving as well as strong-minded. More >>
Severe Macaw Bird Species Profile Severe Macaw: The outgoing severe macaw can become little comedians when taught tricks and phrases early on. They enjoy an active household. More >>
Shaft-Tailed Finch Bird Species Profile Shaft-Tailed Finch: Shaft-tailed finches are popular cage birds all over the world because they are hearty, handsome and easy to care for. They are bold birds and seem to enjoy interacting with their owners from inside their flight cages or aviary. More >>
Slaty-Headed Parakeet Bird Species Profile Slaty-Headed Parakeet: The slaty-headed parakeet, also sometimes referred to as the Himalayan slaty-headed parakeet or Hodgson’s parakeet, is among the group of ring-necked parrots. These birds are very active and require a large cage with enough space to move around and plenty of toys to keep them busy. More >>
Slender-Billed Corella Bird Species Profile Slender-Billed Corella: The slender-billed corella is uncommon as a pet, although it is a sought-after pet bird because of its amazing ability to mimic words as well as sentences so clearly. More >>
Society Finch Bird Species Profile Society Finch: Their willingness to bond and even sit with their owners make society finches popular pet birds. Society finches are friendly and get along well with other species of birds. They make good parents, and they breed easily and successfully. More >>
Solomon Islands Eclectus Bird Species Profile Solomon Islands Eclectus: One of the most popular species of Eclectus among bird owners, the Solomon Islands Eclectus is particularly docile and gentle. While Solomon Islands Eclectus parrots are content with entertaining themselves, they need human interaction on a regular basis as well. More >>
Spanish Timbrado Canary Bird Species Profile Spanish Timbrado Canary: The Spanish timbrado canary, the newest breed of song canaries, was developed in the 1940s and 1950s. It is the result of crossing the wild canary with the song bird of Spain. The bird’s name, like its song, suggests the chattering of Spanish castanets.More >>
Spectacled Parrotlet Bird Species Profile Spectacled Parrotlet: Spectacled parrotlets are beautifully colored, animated birds known for their spunky, sweet personalities. Although they are endangered in the wild, they have been easy to breed and, therefore, are available as pet birds. They are inquisitive and despite their tiny size, tend to be rather fearless. More >>
Spice Finch Bird Species Profile Spice Finch: The spice finch, also called the nutmeg finch as well as scaly-breasted munia or spotted munia, is a hardy, peaceful bird that does well either in a flight cage, bird room or an aviary. They are active and energetic birds. More >>
Stafford Canary Bird Species Profile Stafford Canary: Stafford canaries were developed in the 1980s in Stafford, England. They are a cross between the Gloster and red-factor types. The Stafford canary is a type canary, bred for its physical appearance rather than its song. More >>
Star Finch Bird Species Profile Star Finch: The star finch is a calm, peaceful bird that is critically endangered in its natural habitat. Because of its good nature, the star finch can be housed with other non-aggressive birds. Star finches are named for their white spotting, which gives them a starry appearance.More >>
Strawberry Finch Bird Species Profile Strawberry Finch: The strawberry finch is a true songbird; the male of this species sings melodic songs resembling the clarity of a flute. The strawberry finch derives its name from the male, which has rich, red plumage during breeding season. It becomes a more subdued brownish color when breeding season ends. More >>
Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo Bird Species Profile Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo: Sulpher-crested cockatoos sociable and playful. They are also demanding birds that need plenty of interaction and cuddle time. They are smart and known for solving puzzles and other games. More >>
Sun Conure Bird Species Profile Sun Conure: Recognized for their beautiful plumage, sun conures are also known for their vocalizing. They are intelligent, playful, and are quieter if kept as single pets. Sun conures make good pet birds for a family because of their sociable, upbeat and affectionate personality.More >>
Swainson's Lorikeet Bird Species Profile Swainson’s Lorikeet: The Swainson’s lorikeet, also known as the blue mountain lorikeet, is a beautifully colored bird, and is often called the prettiest of the rainbow lorikeets. They are endangered in the wild due to habitat loss, and they are not commonly kept as pet birds in the United States. More >>
Swainson's Toucan Bird Species Profile Swainson’s Toucan: Swainson’s toucan, also known as the chestnut-mandible toucan, is the second largest of the toucan species. . More >>
Tanygnathus Bird Species Profile Tanygnathus Species: The Tanygnathus genus is a group of a parrots native to the Indonesia Islands. This genus includes the great-billed parrot, the blue-naped parrot, the blue-backed parrot and the black-lored parrot. More >>
Timneh African Grey Bird Species Profile Timneh African Grey: The timneh African grey enjoys socializing, but its behavior is often affected by the owner’s mood and home environment. This pet bird isn’t known as a cuddler, but it does enjoy a head scratch. More >>
Toco Toucan Bird Species Profile Toco Toucan: Toco toucans have a stunning presence and are usually kept as aviary birds. If hand-fed and properly trained, however, they can also make affectionate pets. The toco toucans are not for novice bird owners and need to be housed in the largest amount of space possible.More >>
Toucan Bird Species Profile Toucan Species: Distinguishable from other pet birds by its shockingly large bill, toucans make unique pets. Often more active than parrots, these softbills require a lot of space to hop around in (more than the largest macaw). They also need a specially-formulated low-iron diet. More >>
Turquoisine Parakeet Bird Species Profile Turquoisine Parakeet: Along with the scarlet-chested parakeets, the turquoisine parakeets are temperamental and quirky in nature. They are one of the most active grass parakeets, constantly moving around their aviary from flying to running or feeding. More >>
Twenty-Eight Parakeet Bird Species Profile Twenty-Eight Parakeet: The twenty-eight parakeet can be an active pet bird and make a good outdoor species within the Barnardius group of parakeets because of its thick, gray down under feathers. Because of their ability to thrive in a variety of climates, these pet parakeets enjoy bathing in the rain and snow. More >>
Umbrella Cockatoo Bird Species Profile Umbrella Cockatoo: One of the most popular species of cockatoo, the umbrella cockatoo is a sweet, cuddly companion, but without proper training can become demanding and prone to problem behavior. More >>
UnCape Parrot Bird Species Profile UnCape Parrot: The UnCape parrot is one of the common names for the grey-headed parrot (Poicephalus fuscicollis suahelicus). The grey-headed parrot is a subspecies of the brown-necked parrot and most common in U.S. aviculture. It is sometimes known as the cape parrot or uncape parrot. More >>
Vasa Parrots Bird Species Profile Vasa Parrots Species: Two species of parrots fall into the Coracopsis genus: the greater vasa parrot (C. vasa) and the lesser vasa parrot, also known as the black parrot (C. nigra). These parrots are native to Madagascar and surrounding islands, and are around the size of a Congo African grey. More >>
Violet-Necked Lory Bird Species Profile Violet-Necked Lory: The violet-necked lory is a beautiful, intelligent bird with a mostly red body and rich violet coloring on the back of its head, neck and lower abdomen. The violet-necked lory is playful and acrobatic, but this species is not commonly kept in U.S. More >>
Vosmaeri Eclectus Bird Species Profile Vosmaeri Eclectus: The vosmaeri Eclectus parrots can be more aloof than other Eclectus parrots, but they still enjoy swinging on spiral toys and playing with their owners. More >>
Waterslager Canary Bird Species Profile Waterslager Canary: The waterslager canary is also known as the Belgian waterslager song canary, waterslager song canary, malinois canary, and water singer. It is a song canary, prized for its beautiful, full song that sounds like bubbling water. More >>
Western Rosella Bird Species Profile Western Rosella: The western rosella, also known as the Stanley rosella, Earl of Derby’s parakeet or yellow-cheeked parakeet, is beautifully and brightly colored that can be hand-tamed when exposed to people at a young age. More >>
White-Bellied Caique Bird Species Profile White-Bellied Caique: White-bellied caiques are one of the most active pet birds, so they need someone who is willing to interact with them, provide new toys and plenty of wooden perches to chew on. White-bellied caiques like to be the center of attention but do not require constant attention. More >>
White-Capped Pionus Bird Species Profile White-Capped Pionus: White-capped Pionus parrots are gentle, intelligent and loyal. The White-capped Pionus is the smallest amonng the Pionus species, but usually the spunkiest as well. While these parrots tend to be more quiet, their personalities are often described as feisty.More >>
White-Eared Conure Bird Species Profile White-Eared Conure: The white-eared conure is an inquisitive, playful bird. On the smaller side for conures, this species is active, energetic and intelligent. They bond well to people when properly socialized, and can be loving companion pet birds. More >>
White-Fronted Amazon Bird Species Profile White-Fronted Amazon: The white-fronted Amazon is a high-energy, curious and affectionate bird. These pet birds are a smaller than most Amazons, but their energetic personalities are giving them rise in popularity among pet bird owners. More >>
Yellow-Collared Macaw Bird Species Profile Yellow-Collared Macaw: Yellow-collared macaws sweet and gentle. They love to play, swing, hang and climb around and chew. Yellow collars are intelligent, so provide them with plenty of challenging, interactive toys such as puzzle and foraging toys. They enjoy bathing, often with their owners in the shower. More >>
Yellow-Crowned Amazon Bird Species Profile Yellow-Crowned Amazon: The yellow-crowned Amazon is calmer and more even-tempered than the popular yellow napes and double yellow-heads. More >>
Yellow-Fronted Kakariki Bird Species Profile Yellow-Fronted Kakariki: The yellow-fronted kakariki is a mostly green bird with a small patch of red just above the cere and a yellow patch extending past the eye (hence the name yellow-fronted). Although this species breeds very well in captivity, it has a threatened status in its wild habitat. More >>
Yellow-Naped Amazon Bird Species Profile Yellow-Naped Amazon: Their outgoing personalities make the yellow-naped Amazon one of the most popular Amazons. The yellow-naped Amazon often learns to talk and enjoys challenging toys, as well as plenty of interaction with their owners. More >>
Yorkshire Canary Bird Species Profile Yorkshire Canary: The Yorkshire canary has been called “The Guardsman” and “The Gentleman of the Fancy” due to its proud stance and its diplomatic bearing. The Yorkshire canary is one of the largest and oldest breeds of canary. It is a type canary, bred for its physical appearance rather than its song. More >>
Zebra Finch Bird Species Profile Zebra Finch: One of the most widely bred finches in captivity, a hand-fed zebra finch can be trained to perch on a hand. However, zebra finches will make a cheerful addition to your home. Zebra finches are peaceful birds and do well when kept in pairs or colonies. More >>