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Amazon Bird Species
Amazon parrots have a reputation for being the great communicator when it comes to reading their body language. These birds seem to make good use of every feather to tell you when they are excited or aggressive; they fan out their tail feathers and fluff their head feathers. Combine this display with pinning eyes, and your Amazon couldn’t make himself any clearer.

Be aware that Amazons can be territorial around their cage, as well as the floor beneath it, especially during spring. These birds can go into overload behavior, especially during rough play, so pay attention to your Amazon’s body language. Watch for flared tail feathers, eye pinning and firm, wide-legged posture; when combined, these can signal a forthcoming bite.

Amazons show their zeal for life with highly animated vocalizations and enthusiastic “Hellos!” They also seem to take a particular liking to opera music and aren’t afraid to attempt the high notes.

Amazons are passionate about food. They will want two of what you’re having. You generally cannot eat a slice of pizza or a bowl of pasta in front of an Amazon. (In fact, Amazons often have a special “shrill” to express delight when eating a favorite.) For this reason, you have to be mindful of not over-indulging your Amazon with people food. Amazons can be quite playful, but they will choose food over play, so keep your Amazon on an exercise regimen.

Being rainforest birds, Amazons love getting thoroughly drenched, especially on rainy days and might even go so far as hang upside down like a monkey. These birds generally like to be right in the thick of things. Most are content to have their cage or playgym where the family is. (Just make sure your Amazon gets enough sleep so it doesn’t get cranky. They can be just like us when we are sleep deprived.)