Angry Bird Upset He Can’t Go For His Walk, Starts Throwing Coins

Eric went on a tirade, tossing coins out of a coin jar.

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Eric is one Angry Bird!
John Virata

For Eric The Legend, a rainy day is boring because the cockatoo can’t go out for his walk. So what does Eric do? He becomes an angry bird.

In a YouTube video posted last year by Eric The Legend, Eric acts out in anger as he empties a coin jar with his beak and throws the contents around.

Eric begins his tirade by ripping the lid off the coin jar with his beak. He starts to grab coins and toss them onto the shelf where the coin jar is located and then down onto the floor.

“Eric! No! Stop it!” a woman screams as Eric starts tossing as many coins as he can.

“Naughty bird!” the woman screams, and Eric screams back, “Eric!”

Eric doubles down on his coin toss. Via  Eric The Legend/YouTube

Eric doubles down on his coin toss. Via Eric The Legend/YouTube

About halfway through the clip, Eric hastens his pace, and rather than let the coins fall onto the shelf, he starts tossing them onto the floor. He then begins to push any coins on the shelf down onto the floor as the woman screams “That’s it. That’s it. No. Enough.”

But that isn’t enough for Eric, as he continues to empty the coin jar with his beak.

The woman then threatens Eric with a scary fish. This stops Eric for a moment. The woman says she is going to put the scary fish on the shelf. Eric continues to ponder what was just said. She threatens to get the fish again, and then Eric, unperturbed, seemingly mocks her again with a comment and continues his coin toss tirade.

Fed up, the woman gets a bit physical as she screams “No more, Eric” then she pushes Eric’s head away as she asks for the lid. She then finds the lid and closes the jar, and tells Eric that she has to clean up his mess. His tirade over, Eric flies away.

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  • Fantastic. Love Eric xx

    Claire November 29, 2016 9:32 am Reply
  • This bird is responding to the woman’s frantic and aggressive voice. He likely thinks this is a game, and it has nothing to do with not going for a walk. Exciting a bird to such a degree, unfortunately, is also a good way to teach a bird aggressive behavior. Understanding your bird’s body language and what’s really going in your bird’s head, is critical to having a good relationship with your parrot. Sadly, these kinds of misrepresentations often lead parrots into homelessness, abuse, and even death.

    I ask viewers to please learn the facts about parrot body language and parrot behavior to enrich the
    human-avian bond.

    Linda November 29, 2016 10:03 am Reply
    • You speak the truth. I wish more people worked to understand their parrot’s body language and desires. They need to have choices and be respected as intelligent, feeling creatures. Parrots are not toys or decorative objects.

      Dondi Visser November 29, 2016 10:25 am Reply
  • I have seen previous videos of Eric and it seems to me the man and woman encourage his bad behavior so they can tape the event and put it on YouTube. They never try to de-escalate any of the situations. As above, if my bird had been doing that I would have taken away the jar of coins and put him in his cage for a short time out. I agree with Linda. Some day Eric is going to seriously injure one of the people in the house because he has been taught that his bad behavior is acceptable and funny.

    Mary Dulgeroff November 29, 2016 10:29 am Reply

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