Aquarium Setups

Setting Up a Fish Aquarium

A beautiful aquarium can make a wonderful addition to any home. Schools of fish gracefully moving in a densely planted freshwater tank can be relaxing, interesting and attractive. An aquarium, however, can also be a potential disaster waiting to happen.


Freshwater Conditions

Freshwater Aquarium Setups and Care

Planning your aquarium is the most important aspect of fishkeeping. Going slow and being methodical is ideal, because rushing can get you into trouble fast. Read a variety of essential tips here on how to properly setup your freshwater tank and how to care for your aquarium inhabitants.


Saltwater Conditions

Saltwater Aquarium Setups and Care

Planning a saltwater aquarium involves a lot of research and strategy. From determining what type of aquarium lighting and filtration you will use to generating a stocklist, a general plan will make the process a lot easier. Read a variety of essential tips here on how to properly setup your saltwater tank so your inhabitants will live healthy lives and you will get the most enjoyment out of the hobby.



Reefkeeping Setups and Care

Reefkeeping involves a lot of research, planning and patience. Because many invertebrates that go into a reef tank require specific lighting, water, and filtration parameters, it is imperative that you research each coral before you decide it is the right fit for your ability. And if you add fish, ensure that the fish are reef safe. Read up on the variety of corals you can keep as well as proper husbandry techniques and other issues in this section.