Aquascaping Articles Page 2

Aquascaping can turn your tank into a work of art. Check out some of the articles on the subject and turn your habitat into a home that your fish will enjoy.


Aquarium Airstones and Plants
Airstones are not likely to hurt a slow-growing planted fish tank.

Aquatic Mosses
The aquatic mosses bryophytes are attractive, easy and beneficial “plants” to add to your aquarium.

Australian Aquarium Plants and Fish
Australian biotope fish tank with fish and plants.

Brackish Plants
As long as they are acclimated to salt slowly, many plants can withstand brackish conditions.

CO2 Basics for Aquarium Plants
One of the things that aquarium plants need to live and grow, like all living things, is carbon. Aquarium plants get carbon almost exclusively from carbon dioxide (CO2).

How to Convert an Aquarium to a Paludarium
Paludariums are ideal for keeping aquatic and semi-aquatic plants and amphibians.

Aquarium Cryptocoryne Plants
Although the proper scientific name of this aquarium plant genus is Cryptocoryne, they are commonly referred to as “crypts.”

Aquatic Plant Biology and Technology
Meeting the needs of aquatic aquarium plants is much more about knowing biology than buying technology.

The Aquabotanist: How to Attach Java Fern to a Rock or Log
Attaching java fern requires a bit of string and a solid base.

Plants for Low-Tech Tanks
If you’re a newcomer to plants — or just want a planted tank without all the work — go low light and low maintenance.