This Baby Cannot Stop Laughing At The Family Cat

Upon seeing the family cat, a baby giggles uncontrollably. We totally get it. Cats are awesome.

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This is really how everyone reacts when they see a cat.

Cats are pretty spectacular creatures. And the success of their antics recorded on YouTube clearly indicates how much humans everywhere love them.

But nobody loves cats as much as this baby does. In a video uploaded to YouTube this week by user Merkley Family, a sweet little baby lies in a crib and CRACKS UP at the sight of the family cat.

As soon as the baby’s mom brings the cat into the room, the baby starts giggling hysterically.

Then Mom drops the cat into the crib and the laughs continue. And THEN the cat walks all over the baby and the the baby is still utterly amused.

Cats can clearly do no wrong, and this baby definitely agrees.

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  • My son adored our kitties and reacted much like that 🙂 He still loves his kitties <3

    KatWrangler August 19, 2015 3:19 pm Reply

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