Bird Diet & Health

Bird Diet & Health

What you need to know to keep your pet bird healthy, and how to spot the signs of illness.

Bird Medical

Bird Medical Conditions

In any emergency situation, such as if your pet bird has sustained an injury or shows any sign of ill health, contact your avian veterinarian immediately.  When a pet bird is ill, it often hides its sickness until it’s too late, so recognize and address the signs of illness as early as possible. Early recognition of disease in pet birds and parrots allows for more successful treatment and a quicker recovery. Use the BirdChannel Medical Conditions database to more accurately determine what your pet bird might be afflicted by to better inform your avian veterinarian. Some symptoms (or multiple symptoms) can be indicative of a bird disease — learn more in the Bird Diseases topiclist. For general bird care articles, click here.

You may need to provide emergency support bird care before you take your pet bird to the veterinarian, (e.g., providing treatment for a burn or a broken blood feather). Consult the BirdChannel Emergency Bird Care topiclist so you can be prepared before you are faced with an emergency situation involving your pet bird. Medical Conditions Emergency Bird Care Bird Diseases


Bird Nutrition

Bird Food & Nutrition

The first step to good health is a balanced diet, and pet birds are no exception. Find out which foods you should feed your pet bird with the BirdChannel Bird Nutrition section. Learn about species-specific dietsfoods that you shouldn’t feed your pet birdhealthy fruits and vegetables for your pet bird and much more.

One of the great joys of being a pet bird owner is cooking for your pet bird. Check out the BirdChannel “Recipes for your Bird” section for recipes, cooking tips and more! Bird Nutrition Recipes For Your Bird


Bird Grooming

From trimming wing feathers to nail trims, keep your pet bird groomed and healthy with the Bird Grooming Tips section on In this special section, you’ll learn how to trim (clip) your bird’s wing feathers and trim its nails, and how to provide proper parrot beak care. Did you know that pet birds spend a large portion of their day grooming their feathers and nails? You can help your pet bird with its grooming process by offering it a bath. Bird Grooming Tips