Bird Species Starting With R

Rainbow Lory Bird Species Profile Rainbow Lory: Rainbow lories make excellent pets and are a bit clownish. The Rainbow lory is considered to be an interactive bird, although some can be nippy as they age, according to Margrethe Warden, an American Lory Society director and lory breeder. More >>
Red Lory Bird Species Profile Red Lory: The red lory makes a beautiful, wonderful pet, but it also needs to be the center of attention. They can develop affection toward more than one person, but red lories often pick a favorite flock member. They can come with an attitude and favor a household in which they are the only bird around. More >>
Red-Bellied Macaw Bird Species Profile Red-Bellied Macaw: Red-bellied macaws are are shy, but are good mimics with a voice described as childlike. They are not commonly thought of as a companion bird, but fans of red-bellied macaws find them to be great pet birds. More >>
Red-Bellied Parrot Bird Species Profile Red-Bellied Parrot: Those who favor the Red-bellied parrot believe it is more social and a better talker than other Poicephalus parrots. These birds have been described as being the life of the party. They are spunky and active birds that often dominate other birds around them. More >>
Red-Cheeked Cordon Bleu Finch Bird Species Profile Red-Cheeked Cordon Bleu Finch: The red cheek patches of the red-cheeked cordon bleu finch are only present in males of the species. Females have similar but duller coloring, and they lack the red cheeks. Red-cheeked cordon bleu finches are hard to find. More >>
Red-Crowned Kakariki Bird Species Profile Red-Crowned Kakariki: The red-crowned kakariki (also known as the red-fronted parakeet) is a mostly green bird with red markings on its forehead and just behind the eyes. Although this species breeds well in captivity, it has a threatened status in its wild habitat. More >>
Red-Fronted Macaw Bird Species Profile Red-Fronted Macaw: Red-fronted macaw are sought after because of their beauty, spunky personality and loving nature. They are entertaining and will often lie on their backs, either for attention and/or during petting time. More >>
Red-Headed Parrot Finch Bird Species Profile Red-Headed Parrot Finch: The red-headed parrot finch is a beautiful and vivacious aviary bird from the remote island of New Caledonia. Red-headed parrot finches are interesting to watch because they are always exploring their environment. Because of their high activity level, they are happiest when housed in aviaries. More >>
Red-Rumped Parakeet Bird Species Profile Red-Rumped Parakeet: The red-rumped parakeet is the most suitable pet bird within this genus of grass parakeets. Red-rumped parakeets are animated and active. More >>
Red-Sided Eclectus Bird Species Profile Red-Sided Eclectus: The red-sided Eclectus often enjoys asserting its personality while interacting with its owner. Expect a curious and intelligent pet bird that needs stimulating toys and lots of socialization. More >>
Ring-Necked Dove Bird Species Profile Ring-Necked Dove: Athough they do enjoy spending time with other doves more than with humans, some ring-necked doves may be tamed and will coo to their owners. The ring-necked dove is gentle and easy-going. Ring-necked doves are most commonly kept in aviaries and do well in mixed species aviaries. More >>
Rock Pebbler Bird Species Profile Rock Pebbler: Rock pebblers make laid-back pet bird. They can be social, but these birds are also capable of entertaining themselves and enjoy their independence. More >>
Rock Pigeon Bird Species Profile Rock Pigeon: Although not commonly thought of as pets, rock pigeons have in fact been domesticated for several thousand years. In addition to being companion pet birds, rock pigeons have been used as homing pigeons, carrier pigeons and war pigeons. More >>
Rose-Breasted Cockatoo Bird Species Profile Rose-Breasted Cockatoo: An endless performer, the rose-breasted cockatoo thrives on interaction from its human flock and a plethora of toys while on its own. To keep rose-breasted cockatoos happy, they need at least one hour of playtime a day. More >>
Rosella  Bird Species Profile Rosella Species: Most rosellas are kept as aviary birds, because they can be prone to aggressive behavior and are a bit standoffish. If hand-raised and well-socialized, however, some rosellas make beautiful, charming pet birds. More >>
Ruppell's Parrot Bird Species Profile Ruppell’s Parrot: The Ruppell’s parrot is named after the German naturalist and explorer Eduard Rüppell. Ruppell’s parrots are less common in U.S. pet trade. . More >>