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Biewer Terrier

Originally known as the Biewer Yorkshire Terrier a la Pom-Pon, the Biewer Terrier is a somewhat new breed, having only been around since the mid-1980s. The breed is named after Werner Biewer, the German who first introduced his black-and-white Yorkshire Terriers to the show ring in 1988. One common theory is that the uniqueness of these Yorkies may have come from an accidental crossbreeding with another breed that did not show up until some generations later. The VDH, German’s main kennel club, denied the acceptance of those dogs, saying they were of “wrong color” and “not for breeding.”Biewer then took his dogs to another kennel club, the ACH, which accepted the spotted Yorkies as a distinct and separate breed. The dogs were then registered as Biewer Yorkshire Terriers a la Pom Pon. By the year 2000, the Biewer had lost its popularity in Germany, and the number of breeders had dwindled significantly. It was then introduced to the United States, and its popularity was revitalized. In 2007, the American Rare Breed Association allowed the Biewer Terrier into the Companion group.Fun fact: The term “a la Pom-Pon” was attributed to the Biewer after 1950s and ’60s German pop star Margot Eskens received a pup from her husband while dining one evening. He presented the gift of the puppy on a platter (hence the ?a la?). Pom-pon also translates from French as “a tassel or colorful ball of yarn,” which describes the Biewer’s hair.

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Breed Details

Country of Origin:
Small Dog Breed
White, Black/Blue and Gold/Tan

Long and flowing with a soft, silky texture. Hair is straight and without an undercoat, and should be at least three-quarters to the ground. Head fall is tied up into a single ponytail on top of the head and may be left hanging freely or put into a topknot.


Brush daily.

Life Expectancy:
12 to 15 years
AKC Group:
UKC Group:
not recognized
height at the shoulders should be the same as height at the rump
4 to 8 pounds
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