Black Russian Terrier Resource

Black Russian Terrier

This is a young breed that was created in the 1960s by Soviet dog lovers who melded Giant Schnauzers, Airedales, Rottweilers and other breeds into a big, tough dog with a weather-resistant coat and agile movement. The breed was used as a guard dog, but it has also found its way into the Russian home, where it is a common family pet. This is a protective dog with quick defenses and a suspicious attitude toward strangers. The Black Russian Terrier stands 26 to 30 inches at the withers, so it’s best suited to a large home. Its coarse, dense coat is 2 to 4 inches long and needs to be brushed about three times a week.

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Breed Details

Country of Origin:
Large Dog Breed
Black or black with scattered gray hairs

Low-shedding, hard, wiry and wavy.


Brush weekly.

Life Expectancy:
10 to 12 years
AKC Group:
Working Group
UKC Group:
26 to 30 inches at the shoulder
Proportionate to height
Use Today
Guardian, rescue dog