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Boston Terrier

Charming and highly intelligent, the Boston Terrier makes a wonderful family companion. It is ideal with other pets and children and is an excellent watchdog. The Boston’s alertness makes it fun and easy to train. The Boston Terrier is truly an American breed. Developed in this country from the Bulldog and the English Terrier, it was first recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1893. At one time this was the most popular breed in the United States. The breed’s size makes it adaptable to any living environment, and Bostons are clean of habit and easily maintained. For show purposes the Boston Terrier is divided into three classes by weight: under 15, 20 and 25 pounds. Its coat is smooth, short and shiny, needing only a weekly brushing. Permissible colors include brindle and white (preferable) or black and white, and dogs should have a white muzzle and white blaze on their heads, necks, chests, forelegs and below the hocks of their hind legs. This is a long-lived, affectionate breed whose exercise needs are minimal. A short daily walk and plenty of indoor playtime will keep the Boston in fine fettle.

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Breed Details

Country of Origin:
United States
Small Dog Breed
Brindle, seal (black with a red cast) or black with white markings.

Short, smooth coat.


Brush weekly.

Life Expectancy:
11 to 13 years
AKC Group:
Non-Sporting Group
UKC Group:
Leg should be proportionate to length.
15 to 25 pounds
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