Catalina Macaw


The catalina macaw is a hybrid cross between a scarlet macaw and a blue-and-gold macaw. The catalina macaw is a first-generation hybrid macaw; its parents are two species of naturally occurring macaws. This hybrid macaw species occasionally occurs naturally in the wild. The catalina macaw usually has a yellow-orange chest with green on the top of the head and green to green blue, with shadings of orange on the back of the neck and back. The catalina macaw has a long tapered tail, similar to that of the scarlet macaw. Catalina macaws tend to inherit personality traits from both parents: the friendliness of the blue-and-gold macaw combines with the more high-strung nature of the scarlet macaw.

Catalina macaws are popular because they are affectionate, intelligent birds that readily bond with their owners. Although they may have some high-strung tendencies in their personality from their scarlet macaw parent, this trait is generally subdued by their overall friendliness. They love attention and thrive on it, and can learn a great deal of phrases. The beautifully colored catalina macaw is quite easy to find in aviculture.

Behavior / Health Concerns

Like all macaws, whether naturally occurring species or hybrids, the catalina macaw needs consistent socialization and training to make it a well-behaved pet. Although it may tend to be a one-person bird, with enough socialization, the catalina macaw tends to enjoy interacting with multiple family members. Because they are very large, they need a sufficiently large cage with plenty of toys to stay engaged with, as well as a great deal of outside-of-cage time to exercise and interact with their family. Like other macaws, this hybrid macaw can have the personality traits of a toddler, including temper tantrums, so patient, consistent behavior training is important.

Expert Advice

There is currently no expert advice on this species.

Breed Details

Native Region:
34 inches
Life Expectancy:
60 plus years
Noise Level:
Talk / Trick Ability: