Citron-Crested Cockatoo


Unlike many other cockatoo species, citron-crested cockatoos are generally very quiet. They are friendly, sociable and curious and become very attached to their owners. Trade of citron-crested cockatoos bred in captivity is permitted. Each bird must be sold with an official CITES certificate to prove that it was bred in captivity, and not wild caught. They will raise their crest feathers in display or when surprised. When hand-reared, this species of cockatoo makes an extremely sweet pet. Although their speaking ability is limited, they enjoy learning tricks and can be easily trained.

Behavior / Health Concerns

Like most cockatoos, citron-crested cockatoos need to chew, so they should be given plenty of appropriate chew toys. Until they are about 3 years old, citron-crested cockatoos can tend to be a bit nervous, but with positive training and reinforcement, they can become sweet-tempered. Their droppings are semi-solid and can be messy.

Expert Advice

“Citron-crested cockatoos want nothing more than to be attached to their owner. They love to play with toys and can learn tricks very easily, and they are not like other cockatoos as they rarely scream; you would never know that they are in the house.”

Gene Maranda, Avian Companions, (

Breed Details

Native Region:
Indonesia's Lesser Sunda Islands and Sumba
15 inches
Life Expectancy:
50 to 60 years
Noise Level:
Quiet; occasional honk/screech
Talk / Trick Ability:
Low talking ability; excellent trick ability