Cloncurry Parakeet


The Clonclurry parakeet is one of the Australian ringnecks. While most of these birds have an aggressive nature, this pet bird has the more mellow temperament.

Behavior / Health Concerns

In the wild, Clonclurry parakeets are rarely reside near human habitats. Clonclurry parakeets are located in an isolated area in Queensland, Australia making them a less frequent sight than other Barnardius birds, so Clonclurry parakeets did not become popular aviculture birds until after 1940. The males can become aggressive toward the hen, said Melinda Schmitz of Anza’s Australian.

Expert Advice

“They need a good sized flight. It’s best to put chicks together for compatibility. Their breeding season is a little later then the rosellas. Babies take longer to fledge and become independent, so don’t pull them too soon. They are, however, able to double clutch.”

Melinda Schmitz, owner of Anza’s Australian Beauties aviaries

Breed Details

Native Region:
Eastern Australia
14 inches
Life Expectancy:
10 years
Noise Level: