Colombian Tetra or Red-Blue Colombian Tetra

The Colombian Tetra (also known as the Red-Blue Colombian Tetra – but since it is the only fish called “Colombian Tetra” I see no reason to add “Red-Blue” to its name) is a large, peaceful tetra that comes from the Acandi River Basin in Colombian, in South America. Even though it has not been in the hobby as long as many other fishes, the Colombian Tetra is very popular, and is farmed in Florida and throughout the Far East. Wild caught Colombian Tetras are really not seen in the hobby any more, and all of these fish come from aquaculture sources.

Even though the Colombian Tetra is large for a tetra, it has a fairly docile demeanor, and will usually not do any damage to other fish that are roughly its size. The fish itself is silver, with a blush of red on all of the fins, and a blue coloration from the lateral line up. Males are usually larger, and in a school of Colombian Tetras the dominant male will always show the most color. Colombian Tetras must be kept in as large a school as possible – and single fish can become rogues and do damage to their tankmates. They are a very easy fish to get to spawn, but raising the babies to good size takes a little longer than with other similar fish.

In the aquarium the Colombian Tetra will adapt to any pH range around neutral (7.0), and it will do well in all but the hardest water. Since these fish have been commercially farmed for quite a while now, they are almost always available. They will do fine in a community tank of fishes of their same size, and are not in the least bit finicky about food, eating anything and everything that is offered them.-David Lass .

Breed Details

Country of Origin:
Acandi River Basin, Colombia
2 ½” to 3”
70 – 76 degrees Fahrenheit