Congo Tetra

The Congo Tetra is one of the few “tetras” that comes from Africa, and is definitely the best known and most frequently kept in aquariums; most tetras come from South America. The Congo Tetra is a strikingly beautiful fish, large and full-bodied with flowing fins. The basic background coloring of the fish is silver, with the bottom half suffused with an aquamarine blue, and the upper portion a gold. These colors deepen as the fish gets older and larger, and in dominant males the colors are very deep, and the fin edges extended; the tail in males gets long and feathery, and with mature fish it is very easy to tell males from females, and to see which male is dominant. Congo Tetras do best in groups of six or more fish, and they are very active, making an excellent display for a large and long aquarium. They like to be able to swim in and out of plant thickets, and they prefer having shaded places (from floating plants) where they can stay.

Congo Tetras are an ideal fish for a community tank of similar size, and equally pleasant, fishes. They will get along fine with any other peaceful fish of their same size, but they do not do at all well with any fish that is in any way aggressive. They do well in water that is neutral to acid pH, with moderate hardness. A species tank of Congo Tetras, and some catfish or other bottom dwellers, makes an excellent display. They will thrive on the regular prepared dry foods that other fishes eat, and they also appreciate some frozen (or live) foods a couple times a week.

While the Congo Tetra is a typical egg-scatterer, they are not often bred by hobbyists. They are commercially farmed throughout the Far East, and fish with minor variations, such as more blue, or a stronger yellow, are often offered for sale.

Breed Details

Country of Origin:
Congo River Basin in Africa
4 inches
74 – 82 degrees Fahrenheit
soft to moderate