Crimson Rosella


Crimson rosellas are quiet and gentle. They are often kept in an aviary, but if hand-fed and played with daily they can make excellent pet birds. If housed in an aviary, it is recommended to place perches on either side to encourage flying for exercise.

Behavior / Health Concerns

Some crimson rosellas are prone to obesity, being nippy, and they are also susceptible to bacterial infections and psittacosis. Crimson rosellas are usually housed one pair per cage because they do not make good neighbors with other birds, even of their own species. If breeding crimson rosellas, provide several choices of nesting boxes because they prefer to select their own nest. Once they have chosen a nesting location, the additional boxes may be removed.

Expert Advice

“Personality wise, the male crimson rosella is by far the boldest bird I’ve ever known. It is so territorial, its aggressiveness becomes comical. They have no fear, and they are known to take picnic items from the hands of park-goers in Australia.”

Victoria Sutton, breeder, Sutton Aviaries

Breed Details

Scientific Name:
Native Region:
Small to medium, up to 14.5 inches
Life Expectancy:
up to 20 years
Noise Level:
Low; loves to whistle
Talk / Trick Ability: