Curl-Crested Aracari


The curl-crested aracari is a beautifully colored, glossy-feathered bird with curled feathers on its crown. It is one of only three toucan species with red feathers on the nape and shoulders, and it is the most colorful of small toucan species. Once only kept in captivity in zoos/aquariums, the curl-crested aracari has been successfully bred and is available as a pet.

Curl-crested aracaris are beautiful and peaceful birds. Unlike some toucan species that cannot be kept with smaller size birds, the curl-crested aracari can be kept in a mixed species aviary. When hand-fed, they bond closely to their human companions and they enjoy being a part of the family. They can even be potty trained and can learn to perform tricks.

Behavior / Health Concerns

Curl-crested aracaris are highly active and need plenty of space to both fly and play; their cages should also have enough toys for entertainment. Their diet consists primarily of fruit in the wild, and the same should be replicated in our homes. Because citric acid facilitates the absorption of iron, it is recommended not to give this species any citric fruits. In addition to a wide variety of fruits, their diet should be supplemented with a low-iron protein source. Curl-crested aracaris are very peaceful and can even be kept with other birds.

Expert Advice

“Curl-crested aracaris are exquisitely beautiful and peaceful additions to the mixed species aviary, and their friendly disposition makes them fantastic pets. Curl-crested aracaris are the most intelligent and cuddly of the toucanets and aracaris, and by far the most colorful of all toucan species.”

Jerry Jennings, Emerald Forest Bird Gardens

Breed Details

Native Region:
Central and South Brazil, eastern Peru, northern Bolivia
210 grams
Life Expectancy:
18 years
Noise Level:
Talk / Trick Ability:
Good trick ability