Derbyan Parakeet


The Derbyan parakeet has an excellent talking ability. Although they may not learn extensive vocabularies, the clarity of their speech has been compared to that of Amazon parrots. They can be shy of human touch at first and have placid personalities.

Behavior / Health Concerns

This species is a very hard chewer and therefore needs a regular supply of things to chew on. Derbyan parakeets are rather noisy and should be given plenty of attention to prevent noise from becoming excessive.

Expert Advice

“This is a [moderately] noisy parakeet, but with a placid personality; they are hardy once acclimatized.”

Zahir Rana (

Breed Details

Native Region:
Southeastern Tibet, Northeastern India and Southwestern China
20 inches
Life Expectancy:
25 to 30 years
Noise Level:
Talk / Trick Ability: