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English Cocker Spaniel

Spaniels in various shapes and sizes have been valued both for their talents as gundogs and as appealing family pets. This is a medium-size sporting breed measuring 15 to 17 inches at the shoulder and weighing 26 to 34 pounds, making it slightly larger than the American Cocker Spaniel. The medium-long coat comes in a variety of colors: black, red, liver, golden, black and tan, and parti-colored (open-marked with white, or roaned in blue, liver, red, orange or lemon, some with tan points as well). Brushing about three times a week removes dead hair and keeps the coat shiny and lying flat. A Cocker will need some tidy-up trimming of the head, throat and around the feet. Shedding can be a problem. The long, feathered ears need special care. The breed enjoys family life and is suited to most accommodations, but watch its diet and make sure it is exercised daily.

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Breed Details

Country of Origin:
Medium Dog Breed
Black, liver, shades of red or parti-colored.

Medium-long coat. Silky and well-feathered.


Brush weekly. Trim regularly. The long, feathered ears need special care.

Life Expectancy:
12 to 14 years
AKC Group:
Sporting Group
UKC Group:
Gun Dog
15 to 17 inches at the withers
26 to 34 pounds
Use Today
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