False Julii Cory

Description: The false julii catfish is not Corydoras julii. The false julii cory catfish is easy to distinguish from C. julii because it has a darker and more mazelike pattern of black stripes on a white or silvery body. It also has a more bold black line on each side and more bold black on the dorsal fin. Corydoras julii are similar but instead have tiny black spots on the body and a thinner black line on the sides.

The false julii catfish is a peaceful aquarium resident with great personality. Keep six or more (definitely no less than three) in a 15-gallon or larger aquarium. Provide a smooth sand or gravel substrate so they can search for food without damaging their sensitive barbels. Plant the aquarium well and provide plenty of hiding places. They will usually stick to the lower waters of the aquarium, but they will often swim in the middle waters.

While they get along with most peaceful freshwater fish tankmates, they won’t always be able to compete with fish that rush to food and eat it quickly. The omnivorous false julii cories eat flake foods, algae wafers, pellets, meaty foods (such as bloodworms, brine shrimp and frozen and live foods) and more. Make sure your cories get enough to eat by providing a varied diet of sinking pellets.

Breeding: To breed your false julii cories, acquire a large group and let them pair off. Females are larger than males and will have more round stomachs. If you feed them well and give them appropriate conditions, they will spawn in the typical cory fashion. Take the adults out of the aquarium so they don’t eat the eggs or take out the eggs (females will usually lay and hide about 100 eggs in the plants). After about five days, the fry will be free-swimming and will eat newly hatched brine shrimp and finely crushed flakes. This species can be more difficult to breed than other Corydoras species.

Breed Details

Scientific Name:
Country of Origin:
South American rivers, including Amazon River tributaries
2 inches
Corydoras sp.
73 to 79 degrees Fahrenheit
Soft to medium