The Mongolian gerbil is the most popular pet gerbil species. Gerbils enjoy digging, gnawing and taking occasional dust baths. Their long tail is tufted at the end and fully furred along its length. They are most active at dawn and dusk. Keeping gerbils in same-sex pairs is the ideal for pet ownership

Breed Details

Scientific Name:
Country of Origin:
Mongolia, China and Siberia
Between 6 to 12 inches long (including the tail)
Life Expectancy:
About 3 years
Standard color is agouti. Other colors include: apricot polar fox, Argente, black, black-eyed white, Burmese, chinchilla, cinnamon, dark-eyed honey, dove, Himalayan, honey cream, lilac, nutmeg, polar fox, red fox, ruby-eyed white, Schimmel, Siamese, silver nutmeg, slate, yellow fox.