Goldie’s Lorikeet


The Goldie’s lorikeet has a calm demeanor, which makes it less high-maintenance than other lories. Goldie’s lorikeets make good pet birds because they are calm and content with staying perched where they remain less hyper than other lory species. The Goldie’s lorikeet is very curious, so supervise playtime and be sure their cage bars have appropriate spacing.

Behavior / Health Concerns

Goldie’s Lorikeets are susceptible to hemochromatosis or iron-storage disease. They need nectar as the base of their diet. The nectar or powder diet should be low iron. Fresh fruits are also good foods to add to the nectar and/or powder bird diet.

Expert Advice

There is currently no expert advice on this bird species.

Breed Details

Scientific Name:
Native Region:
New Guinea
7.5 inches
Life Expectancy:
20 years
Noise Level:
Talk / Trick Ability:
Moderate, but not as chatty as other lories.