Green Aracari


Green aracaris are among the most successfully bred toucans in aviculture. They are friendly and affectionate, making them a popular pet bird. Green aracaris are full of personality. They enjoy playing games, such as peek-a-boo, and can be loving toward their owners. They tend to not be one-person birds but rather bond with the entire family. Green aracaris are interactive, playful and thoroughly enjoy being a part of the family, which makes them popular as pets. They are very tame, particularly when hand fed, and are often recommended as a “starter” toucan species.

Behavior / Health Concerns

Green aracaris are highly active and need plenty of space to both fly and play; their cages should also have enough toys for entertainment. Their diet consists primarily of fruit in the wild, and the same should be replicated in our homes. Because citric acid facilitates the absorption of iron, it is recommended not to give green aracaris any citric fruits. In addition to a wide variety of fruits, their diet should be supplemented with a low-iron protein source. Although they are very friendly with people, green aracaris should not be placed in a mixed aviary, particularly with smaller birds.

Expert Advice

“The green aracari is a very friendly, affectionate species that qualifies it as an excellent pet. It is recommended as the place to start with toucans.”

Jerry Jennings, Emerald Forest Bird Gardens

Breed Details

Native Region:
Northeastern South America
10 inches
Life Expectancy:
16 years
Noise Level:
Talk / Trick Ability:
Good trick ability