Green-Cheeked Amazon

Green-Cheeked Amazon


The brightly colored green-cheeked Amazons’ engaging attitude and affectionate personalities make them good family pets. These Amazons like human interaction. They also do well interacting with other pet birds.

Behavior / Health Concerns

Amazon’s have a tendency for obesity, so provide green-cheeked Amazon receives a balanced, low-fat diet of pellets, fruits and vegetables along with plenty of exercise. These pet birds are also susceptible to vitamin-A and calcium deficiencies and psittacosis. Larger housing is ideal for green-cheeked Amazons to give them plenty of room to climb, fly and play for exercise. Diana Holloway, former president of The Amazona Society, recommends a bird room not only to give the owner some quiet time but also to have an area where the pet bird can sleep well. Adult males are green with black trim on the nape, mantle and upper breast feathers and their forehead, lores and crown are crimson colored and a violet-blue band goes across the eye to the side of the neck. Females are similarly colored but with slightly redder crowns.

Expert Advice

“Not seen as often as the yellowheads. They should not be overlooked as their temperament and personality will compliment an active family.”

Diana Holloway, former president of The Amazona Society ( and former bird breeder

Breed Details

Scientific Name:
Native Region:
Central and South America
Medium, 13 to 15 inches
Life Expectancy:
50 years
Noise Level:
Talk / Trick Ability:
Good with training