Hahn’s Macaw


Hahn’s macaws are similar to their larger counterparts. They enjoy playing, cuddling and of course destroying toys and perches. Hahn’s macaws owners describe them as mischievous, playful, active and not overly demanding. These pet birds will be friendly to more than just one person and are usually quick learners.

Behavior / Health Concerns

Hahn’s macaws require more fat in their diet than other parrots, so provide a healthy diet consisting of pellets, fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains. They are prolific chewers and susceptible to overgrown beaks, so offer plenty of wooden and other hard toys. They are also susceptible to papillomas, proventricular dilatation disease (PDD), polyomavirus, psittacosis and vitamin-A sensitivity. Some owners notice Hahn’s macaw goes through a nippy stage, but with plenty of toys chew on and proper training, their biting habit can be stopped. Hahn’s macaws bond closely to an individual, so socialize them well in order to keep your bird friendly around a variety of people.

Expert Advice

There is currently no expert advice on this bird species.

Breed Details

Native Region:
South America
Medium, up to 12 inches
Life Expectancy:
40 years
Noise Level:
Talk / Trick Ability:
Very good, one of the better talkers among the mini-macaws.