Hawaiian Wrasse

The Hawaiian wrasse, like its cousin the common cleaner wrasse Labroides dimidiatus, should not be purchased by hobbyists or sold by local fish stores. It is an obligate parasite feeder, which means that it eats only the parasites that it picks off other fishes. While this may appear to be a great fish to have in your tank, the problem is that cleaner wrasses are dependent on having a large number of “Customers” for them to clean parasites from, and in the confines of an aquarium with only a few other fishes they simply starve to death. In the wild cleaner wrasses set up “cleaning stations” where fish line up to be cleaned. With this continuous stream of parasites for them to eat they do very well in the wild.

In addition to the fact that these fish almost never survive in the aquarium, removing them from the wild also does a great disservice to the fish that have been depending on them for parasite removal. The cleaning stations are far apart, and removing the cleaner wrasse upsets the balance of things until the fish find another cleaner station.

Please DO NOT BUY this fish – please encourage your local fish stores not to carry it and not to offer it for sale. .

Breed Details

Scientific Name:
Country of Origin:
Hawaii, Pacific Ocean
Labridae (Wrasses)