Jersey Wooly Rabbit

The Jersey Wooly rabbit breed was bred for its coat in the 1970s. It has long wooly fur that grows 2 to 3 inches long. The guard hairs are thick and, overall, the coat is very dense. In contrast, its body is short and compact and it has short ears.

Breed Details

Scientific Name:
Country of Origin:
United States (New Jersey)
3-3.5 pounds
Life Expectancy:
5-8 years
agouti (chestnut, chinchilla, opal, squirrel), pointed white (with black or blue), self (black, blue, chocolate, lilac, blue-eyed white, ruby-eyed white), shaded (sable point, seal, Siamese sable, smoke pearl, tortoiseshell, blue tortoiseshell), tan pattern (black otter, blue otter, silver marten, sable marten, smoke pearl marten